Yep not coming back around tonight.  I have a fever and I feel aweful.  I will see you all tomorrow.
Dead around here tonight anyway.
End Edit


Hey all I just got home from the base. 

I got shuffled from place to place all morning doing tests and blood work.  No fun at all.  I am sick and sore all over and the outcome is…..

Definite UTI which has already turned into a bladder infection and is already migrating to my kidneys. 

They gave me two prescriptions. 

I think I’m gonna pass out.  I hate when these things start to really hurt. 


I’m gonna go read my book.  I’ve been waiting for it for a while now and it seems like a good way to spend this afternoon.

See you all later.


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  1. Hey Courtney…Sorry you aren’t feeling well! I will be praying for you.  Thanks for all your help and encouragement!! You’re great!!!  Oppsss…better get focused on training… 🙂

  2. Ewww, I had that when i was pregnant with Michael, it went up into my kidneys and I would not walk with my back straight…so much pain. It started in me labor actually but they were able to stop it. I feel your pain! Get better.

  3. Hi honeybunny. I was wondering how your appointment went today. I am sorry you’re so sick but I am glad you got some medicine. You will be feeling better soon. Take care! Love ya!

  4. I used to get UTI infections all the time when I first got married. My mom never did share secrets with me about how to keep from getting them. She was to embarassed herself. Not that that is how you got one! But pretty much when someone finds out I have one…they know why.
    Too much shared. I know. *blushing*
    Feel better soon!!!!

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