Ugg it is only 10:52 AM and it is 105 degrees!!!!!!!!!!
YUCK come on fall!

Good Morning Xangaland!

What a very interesting day this is going to be! 

I think I have a Urinary track infection.  YUCK.  I hate doctors and I never go unless I have to.  Well the last time I had a UTI I let it go too long because I did not want to go see my doctor.  Just figured I would drink tons of cranberry juice.  Yep I ended up in the ER with severe kidney infections.  Not fun.  So this time I decided to be a good girl.  Didn’t realize this was going on until Saturday so I had to wait until first thing this morning….  The base switches policies all the time.  Sometimes you have to make appointments in advance but most of the time they will not make an appointment until the day you need it.  So annoying!  Well right now they are on the, ‘we take appointments’ kick so now I have to wait until tomorrow.  (((Sigh)))  All weekend it’s been just wait until Monday and then they will give you those nice antibiotics and everything will be fine.  Ha

So I repeat…. What a very interesting day this is going to be!

On another note it looks like my computer needs it’s complete wipe again.  Seems like I do this every three months or so.  LOL oh well.  So I will be working on back ups for the next few days and then I’ll be doing that.  I also have to replace my DVD burner.  My old one finally burned out.  So I think I’ll just do it all at once. 

I have a ton of stuff to do today because we are having Matt, Debbie, and Macie over for dinner.  The boys have been bugging me to make meatloaf for them since I haven’t made it in almost a year now.  So I give in and will make meat loaf!  LOL 

Hope all of you have a good day.  In case anybody who wants to see missed it the pictures of my blankets are in the post below.  I know I put them up on a weekend and around here weekends are slow. 

Song of the day?  Believe in What You Want by Jimmy Eat World.  Don’t know why but the song has been stuck in my head for days and so I think I just need to play it a few hundred times and make it go away.  LOL 


Oh Yeah check out my very cool clock in my story module.  It tells you exactly what time it is where I am.  Cool huh?


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  1. Hey there! It’s amazing how quickly our computers can get full huh? Hope your doing well. I also hope you can get into the doctor tomorrow as soon as possible. UTI’s are NO FUN!!  You take care and I will talk to you later!

  2. UTIs are the worst. They do have this over the counter stuff that you can take called uristat that makes it not feel so bad but I think it may mess up the UA they might want to do. But I’d call the nurse or whatever and find out for sure before you took it.

  3. 102? here’s some fun things to think about when in that weather…. do you have your coat on and gloves? a nice big warm wool blanket? how about a huge cup of hot steamy coffee? turn your heater on high. gathering around a big bon fire, with blue flames. put on a big fluffy warm fuzzy sweater! get in a hot tub and relax in the 104 degree water bubbling. 
    there does that help u? hahahah….i’ll put pics up…sometime this week. when i feel the want to sit down and mess with it.

  4. The blankets, hat and bib below look so great!  You do such a fantastic job!102 already!  oh my!  I dont like that weather unless I am in a cool pool with a frosty cold drink like root beer!Have a great day and I hope you get some relief soon from your UTI.Kelly

  5. Yuck is all I have to say about the 105 degree weather you have!! Ours is a nice 65 degrees today.. 30 degrees cooler than it was 2 days ago…(Michigan weather is super strange like that.. tomorrow, will probably be 105..lol)! Your blankets are very pretty and I love how you packaged them.. very cute! Gotta love military medical modes of operations.. sheesh.. I hope you get in there first thing tomorrow and kick that UTI to the curb! Take care and enjoy your week! :o)

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