Good Morning Xangaland!

I did get the blankets done in time, though just barely.  I was up until 3am the night before finishing them up, plus a few extras.

This finishes off the blankets I had to do for the summer.  As of right now there are no new pregnancies coming up to make blankets for.  What will I do with myself?

The baby these blankets are for will be the son of my best friends oldest sister.  His name will be Robert Michael, or Robbie.  His nursery is done in nursery rhyme theme with emphasis on knights and castles.  The main colors are green blue and yellow.  Really cute!

So without further ado here are his blankets. 

This first is the puffy winter blanket.

Here is the light summer blanket.

A hat to match!

And of course a bib.  What little knight doesn’t need a shield?  What mom doesn’t need thier baby to wear one for that matter?  LOL

Here is the finished package.

All in all I was really satisfied with how these came out.  I love doing this!  Can’t wait to have my own.

But until then anyone want to order a blanket?  LOL

Song of the day? What A Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong.



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  1. My mom crochets all the time. I think right now she has close to half a dozen baby blankets done and packed away. So that way when she does get invited to a baby shower or hears of someone having a child she doesn’t have to rush to get them done. Plus, she gets to keep crocheting all the time for fun. Those blankets look great! Glad you got them done in time!Love- Snow

  2. I love that song!!!  Your blankets, et all are wonderful!  That “R” looks fantastic on the bib!  Great colors. . .that’s one lucky little guy you made those for!  I’m glad you enjoy making them.  RYC:  I’m trying to stay away from him. . .but you know men. . .they need us to take care of them when they are sick!~K.K.

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