And the extent of the information for the day is this…. 

Ryan is the first one on the list.  He qualifies for the career field he wants however he must complete a rigorous physical exam.  He should get the job and base we want but because of the nature of the job the exam will take almost three months to go through everyone’s hands and be approved so we won’t know anything concrete until then.  ((Sigh)) and the final word is….

Hurry up and wait!

God knows best and whatever happens will be for the best. 



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  1. I hate waiting. Any hint on what field he is retraining to? Or possibly where you will be going? Please tell me its not Cannon or Shaw. Shaw was aweful and Cannon is supposed to be the Shaw of the west.

  2. Jason looked into retraining as a Flight Engineer but we didn’t like the amount of time he’d be away from home. Was something like a minimum of 250 days a year. And that’s what the flight engineers we talked to were saying, not the recruiter/retraining guy. Good luck hun, hope you get the base you want, both of those are supposed to be nice.

  3. Well, so far it looks good. Right? I’m still praying for you guys and will keep praying for you guys because you’re on my prayer list written in pen. You can’t erase pen very well.
    Trust in God. He has a plan for you…

  4. We’re definately praying that this all will work out for the best for you two!  (yep doug’s in the prayer with me!)  Even though this isn’t what you wanted at this time… it may be good for you two (and hopefully future baby).  God knows what he wants to happen and why… leave it up to him.

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