Sorry everyone.

Typing hurts today.  Okay arm not broken but according to paramedic.  Almost.  Looks like I smashed it hard enough to almost pop the bone out and over but luckily did not.  But it’s sore as all get out and has a nasty bump.  I’m gonna take it easy a couple days and then if a few days down the road it doesn’t feel 100%  I’ll probably go get xrays just incase it’s cracked or something. 

I smashed it between the corner of a wall and a couch just below my wrist in case you wanted to know. 


I’m gonna go now it’s starting to hurt a bit.  Thank you all for your concern sorry I scared you guys.

Song of the day?  Hear You Me by Jimmy Eat World.  Love them, really do.



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  1. Oh oh!!!!!  Are you ok????
    Hey RYC…what a cool dream!  hahahaha…if we were both in Cali we should definitely meet!  BTW…my bro is flying in from Germany this week.  I’ll get him to comment on your blog 😉
    Feel better!!!!!  Rest k?

  2. random props….i broke my wrist in 5 places and didn’t know for two weeks…so take care of it if it still hurts in 4 days

  3. Oh Hun..I am so sorry that you are in pain. Owie. It sounds like it hurts pretty bad. I hope that you get to feeling better soon and can type more. Sorry that its been so long..but as you know things have been rapidly changing and consistantly busy these last few days here and I am really trying to catch up on everything. I am soooooo tired. you need to get your rest and if that doesnt get to feeling better soon, and I mean soon then you need to go get it checked out because if something is broken and you dont get to it soon enough it can cause a lot fo other more painful problems too. speaking from experience here. blah. tell ryan I said hello and get to bed. I am off myself here. I will talk to you soon girl.

  4. Ouch. I hope it feels better. That is a tender area. My oldest boy hurts his wrist and elbow every year at least once. Take care of yourself.

  5. Thank god you are ok Courtney, and Im glad its not broken, but please go get an X-ray just in case…
    (((hugs))) feel better…love ya!

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