Good morning Xangaland!

I am off today to help my best friend Emily move into her very first place of her own. 

She has lived with her parents all this time because she was in school.  Then in December of last year, right before she got her own place, her grandfather died and she moved in with her grandma because she needed help.  So now her parents and grandma are all moving to Payson, Az so Emily and her sister are renting an apartment together and she will finally be out on her own. 

So today I’m helping her move.

Song of the day? Straighten up and fly right by Nat King Cole.  I’m playing this song for Emma today.  Cause it’s the kind of song she loves!


P.S.  I have been asked a couple of time now so I’ll just answer it here for you guys.  I did write the post below.  It’s all my work out of my own head.  lol.  It is the story of Ryan and I.  We were preschool sweethearts.


6 thoughts on “

  1. I love it. Pre school sweethearts. I think that is so sweet. Have a great day and hopefully the moving goes well.

  2. That is awesome to have a lifetime connection. Sterling and I just celebrated our anniversary of “meeting” 19 years ago and it’s been so long that I can’t remember NOT knowing him. lol  Have a great day!

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