One little girl and one little boy.  Sitting high atop a fence in a church yard at sunset.  Holding hands feeling that childhood tingle of the first love in this life sitting close side by side.  They watch the sunset and talk about their wedding, and about how they would live together forever.  Never dreaming for a moment that it might not come true.

One young girl and a boy almost a man.  Meet eyes across a field at the wedding of someone dear to them. The memory of that childhood love at the edge of their minds as a familiar tingle races up their spines.  They looked at each other over the crowd and they know that they will never be together and it is sadness for the lose coursing through them.  Never dreaming for a moment that it might not be true.

One young woman and one young man.  Bump into each other on a hot summer night at a softball game.  Dust swirling through the air, and the world is hot, like another night at sunset so long ago.  She sees in him the boy she loved, he sees a little girl in pig tails and they are afraid of what might be.  They wait for the other to break this silence to give a hint of what could be.  Neither does and they part, fearing that the end of what was always there has finally come and they mourn it’s end.  Never dreaming for a moment that it hasn’t truly ended.

One young woman and one young man.  Lock eyes over the hood of a truck and in that moment the years melt away.  They are young, innocent, holding hands and dreaming of this day though they didn’t know it then.  And they know, in one moment they know.  That this is not an end but the beginning of life together at last.  She smiles and he smiles and in that moment they once again dream it could be true.

One woman and one man.  Lock eyes over two bands of gold and see the child they loved and the partner of their life.  They hold hands as they did so many years before and vow to never let them part again. They know in that moment that the childhood love has stood the test of time.  They dream of what might come.

One woman and one man.  Sitting on the front porch of their home holding hands.  Life is changing all around them and they fight to keep up.  They know that things will never be the same and then their eyes meet.  They see once again the years melt away and they know.  In that instant they know.  Wherever you are I will be by your side.  The world can change around them but love has stood the test of so many years between them and it will stand this test. They realize that the little boy and the little girl had it right.  They will be together forever.  And once again they dare to dream……………………….

Song of the day?  The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack.



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  1. Honey, did you write this?  It’s amazing!  I just love it!  Hey, I’ve finally posted. . .come see the results of the poll for my Teen Queens pics from yesterday~K.K.

  2. beautiful..  (why can’t I have a story like that?) j/k  it’s great that you knew so long ago and got to see it come to pass this far with so much more to go.  Have a great day and I think (hope) I will still be in a baking mood around Christmas (have so many ideas for that time of year) of course I get excited for Christmas a little too early I guess.  take care

  3. This is so beautiful. Did you write this or is it a reprint of soemone else? It is so good. Have a great weekend.

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