Good morning Xaganland!

We’re home and we had a blast!  I’m still exhausted!  We only got a few picture cause we were having so much fun we kept forgetting to pull out the camera.  So not as many as I would like.  Oh well.

Here is me and my mom in front of the big fountain in the entrance of Magic Mountain.

Me and Ryan.

Mom and Dad.

Dad and Ryan with Mr. Six!

Me and Mom with Mr. Six!

Me at the Gotham city monument.

Me and Ryan.

This was on our way home and Ryan just had to share it with all of you.  Which one of these things does not belong?

The other sign for it.  The naked bean…. hmmmm…….

This is the view in Parker, Arizona which is the roundabout way we came home.

Have I ever told you that my dad and I have the same car?  Well here’s them driving in front of us!

We had a wonderful time on this trip.  We rode all the rides we wanted to and I didn’t get kicked off any cause I was too fat like last time!  Whoo hoo.  How sad is that?

We got in the first day and Ryan and I watched TV until Mom and Dad got there.  They came in late so once they were there we all just went to bed.  Then the next day was the park.  We got up went out to breakfast and then on to the park.  We left at about 4pm due to many aching feet and heads.  Rides do that to you when you’re not a teenager any more.  LOL  Then we went out to dinner, went back to the room and all took turns getting showers.  Then we sat and watched a movie and crashed.  We got up early next morning had breakfast, packed up, and took off. 

We got home late because of rain, accidents, and a not so short short-cut! 

We had fun though.  And now to laundry.

Song of the day? Falling for the First Time by the Barenaked Ladies.  Good song.  so Good enough. 

Can you tell I’m still tired?  LOL




11 thoughts on “

  1. I’m glad that you had a fun time and you took good pictures if not lots! Oh, and as for the short stories…now that they’re protected there will be much more of my stories up there. Haha! Now you’re stuck reading them! lol

  2. hey, matthew told me that you cant see my posts? well i have you on my protected list so you should be able to see them! i have been having some problems with my journal lately so let me figure this out and ill see if you can see them tonight!! love and miss you girl,

  3. great pics!!! Im glad ya’ll had an awesome time…..
    yes D left too soon, but hopefully not for too long this time. We’ve already been seperated 7 months, so hopefully no longer than 3 wks this time…..
    Im holding up ok….
    I will talk to ya later…glad your home..I missed ya!

  4. I looooooove this song!  BNL is one of my ultimate favorites!Im so glad you had a great time.  I cant handle the rides anymore like i used to be able to.  LOL!

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