Good morning Xangaland!

What a strange day for weather!  Last night at about 10:15pm it started to rain.  Not too weird as it is monsoon season.  Here’s the weird part though.  For the entire month of July we got 0.16 of and inch.  So far for the month of August we have received 1.69 inches!  It rained all night and this morning, and I’m talking 9:35 am here, it’s still wet and cool outside.  It’s 9:30 am in Phoenix, Az in August and it’s 77 degrees!  Unheard of!!!!  No complaint here!

Ryan got his bike all put back together.  Now all we have to do is get ready for out trip.  We leave in four days!!!!!

So today I have to clean up around here a bit and then work on my last blanket.  Of course I am completely working on a deadline again.  The baby shower once again has been bumped up and the blanket must be done by noon on August 20th which gives me 15 and 1/2 days! If I don’t count today which I guess I should since I’m gonna work on it today…..

I put a new ticker up at the bottom of my page.  We have now been officially trying for three weeks today. 

Okay so I don’t really have a lot to talk about just a disjointed sentence here and there…….  I know what I could tell you!


Ryan got home yesterday and saw that I wasn’t exactly perky and asked what was wrong.  I told him no big deal just had a headache and wasn’t feeling too well.  He said he was sorry and he loved me and sat down at his computer.  Won’t lie I was a bit irritated.  Then about two minutes later I have an email pop up.  This is what I got……

I’m sorry you have a headache and don’t feel good.  I love you and hope you feel better.  Here is a smile from me to you.  Don’t I look happy in this pic?





Ahhhh my husband.  And on that note….. I hope all of you are having a wonderful day.


Song of the day? Sweetness by Jimmy Eat World




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  1. Courtney,
    Okay what did I miss about your trip? I cannot remember for the life of me what trip you are taking with Bike, so you have to refresh my memory. Things have been getting hectic around here and life happened. hehe. I miss talking to you like we used to be able to do, but the time has flown by so fast and things have gotten too busy. Im sorry that you had a headache, are you feeling better now that the day has prgressed? I am super excited about the teaching! Even if it is the elementary level again, I don’t care as long as I get second grade. I loved it the year I taught my internship my senior year in high school. I miss being in the classroom with the kids, so if I get the opportunity, Heck yeah I will take it! Matt told me that when he writes to me after he leaves, he is going to send his letters to me in pink envelopes so that I will know to look for them. That’s really sweet. He swore to me that he was going to update today too. It’s our one month anniversary! lol. He’s taking me to the Olive Garden for dinner. But hun, I have to go help my sister with her English paper. I hope to hear from you later. Have a blessed day!!!

  2. Sounds like you found the perfect husband for you. That is a blessing, you know? Lots of people never look hard enough to find the right person.
    I’m keeping you in my prayers that you will get your baby at the perfect time. I’ll be very excited when you can finally make a post letting us all know you’re expecting. How exciting!
    Hope you get everything finished before you leave. Your blankets are lovely…so make sure to post a picture when this one is finished!
    Thanks for praying for us. And we will meet some day on a book tour. I’m sure of it!
    Oh, and as for Pearl…when I was walking home today I felt God wanted me to write a book about Pearl’s story that could stand alone. I had gotten stuck while writing the hospice story with Pearl in it…that’s why I moved on. Now, I think God may be revealing how to finish her story very soon. So, don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten about her. 🙂 I just really need to get in the habit of writing what God wants me to write…and not what I want to write.

  3. what a sweet man you have!  I am so glad it has cooled down some for you!  It was much needed in your parts! Have a great day!KElly

  4. ok.. I’m feeling lonely.. how did you meet all these people?  :o)  hope your day is going well.. and hey if you have any extra xanga buddies you can send them my way.. hehe.. buhbye

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