Good Morning Xangaland!

I had the weirdest dream last night…… 

I dreamed my brother in law, Andy (the one in the hospital) had a baby.  He had a girlfriend or something and she had the baby, handed it to him, checked out of the hospital and was gone.  He decided to raise the baby on his own. 

We all, as a family, were very proud of him for his decision to act as an adult. 

He showed up on his mom’s doorstep later that day with his baby girl in tow and told his mom he had to move in with her because he needed to have her on hand in case he needed help.  She let him come home just proud that he was trying to do the right thing.

Here’s where it gets weird.

You could see in Andy’s eyes every time he looked at his little girl that he loved her completely.  You could see that she was his world.   But he kept forgetting about her.

He would lay her down to change her diaper and wander away to get lunch, he would put her down to open a door and just leave her there.  No matter how long he had the baby with him he kept simply forgetting that she was even there.

Over the next few days my Mother in law started taking care of the little girl simply because she was being left everywhere.

I can’t impress upon you how weird all of this was.  Then she looked at me and said.

“Courtney, I’m so frustrated!  It’s like when they were little and begged me for a pet!  They take care of it for a week and when the newness wears off it’s mom’s job!”


Okay so that’s it.  Weird dream written out.  Sorry that bugged me enough that I couldn’t go back to bed.  Cause I have to tell you not usually awake and on the computer this early.

Today I have some cleaning to do and maybe some laundry so we can start packing.  Ryan should get his bike parts back today so he’ll be working on putting the bike back together. 

The weather here is wild.  I saw on the news this morning that this was the third hottest July on record for Phoenix.  We had 31 heat related deaths in July.

Then today August 2nd.. it’s supposed to be only 104 but we have 51% humidity.  Yuck.  We are having crazy thunderstorms too.  Monsoon season is here in full.  We are having major wind storms and rain every evening and have forecasts for those conditions into the foreseeable future.

Song of the day? I Had The Craziest Dream by Nat King Cole.  Somehow it just seemed appropriate.  And lately I can’t get enough of his music.




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  1. Dont you wish we could know exactly what our dreams mean?  Maybe with things changing in your life you have baby on your mind more than you realize!  I know after I had Benjamin I dream constantly about kids.Thumbs down on the weather!  ugh!  Have a great day! 

  2. Courtney, I swear you need to write a book based on your dreams. They are just soooo amazing! I don’t know *how* you even remember all of those details. Enjoy the rain…send some of it this way. We’re parched out here!

  3. thanks for the prayers. i guess God didnt want it to happen yet. 
    my last day is friday. i work half day thurs and friday then i dont come back in until the 16th!

  4. lol. no hun, I didnt erase you silly! I only got one comment. you know xanga, always screwing up things. but you are right. I finalyl responded to betty and told her that i was sorry for what he is going through but pretty much exactly what you wanted to ask her too. I told her I was putting it behind me now and moving on. I will not let go of matt, dont worry. I am trying to stay have been with me through all of this for almost a year now! and you know exactly how I am feeling…sometimes it gets hard and sometimes thinking about him, it hits me really hard more than other days..but matt has become like my best friend..we can just talk and enjoy things together..its stronger than anything else ive known and I trust him…im holding onto that. and he knows that sometimes its going to be bad days where i am not feeling so great because of whats happened and that I do sometimes have security problems..but he understands that and he loves me despite that. its amazing.

  5. sorry hadnt been around much…so busy with the hubby being home and packing and the baby. Things are going good with us, we have talked everything out and are wonderful. Thanks for being there for me thru all of this. You are reallly a GREAT BIG HELP!

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