Good morning Xangaland! 

What a crazy few weeks huh?  I have hardly had the time to come on here and I have sorely missed it!  My brother-in-law is doing much better.  He’s still in the hospital but should be getting out either today or tomorrow.  He is going to be really sore for a while but the surgery was a success.

Ryan took in the parts of his bike that needed work so we should have the bike up and running again by tomorrow. 

Today is payday so we will be going shopping and getting things ready because we leave for California and six flags in 6 days!!!!!!!   We are so excited it’s going to be so much fun!

I have so much to do today that I can’t even sit here and write about it.  LOL  I hope everyone is doing okay.  I’m going to try to get by to all of you.  Take care.

Song of the day?  Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet.  Just cause I like this song!


.PS. I have a big problem!  Pringles is doing this thing called the great american road trip.  They are trying new flavors at one store at a time across the US.  They tried a new flavor in my Walmart called Crunchy Dill.  I am addicted.  I love them and they are gone.  They have moved on and we can’t get them any more.  I just know I’m gonna crave these suckers when I do get pregnant and I won’t be able to get them.  What do I do?  Ahhhhhhhh


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  1. I have never been to Six Flags but it sounds so great. Hope you have fun. Glad your brother in law is doing good.

  2. I am so glad that I caught you right now! I have missed you terribly!! Im glad that hes doing better and yay for premium. Matt got it for me without tell ing me! hehe. I miss you!!

  3. Sorry I have not commented. I had to catch up and I love your kitchen!! Geez I just want your whole house! lol Hope you get everything done today. Im glad your BIL is better. I never thought of just saying that and not typing it out. lol talk to you later!!

  4. I’ll have to look for them up here. You might think we’re crazy but I send my brother-in-law pickled bologona because he can’t find it there. Go ahead laugh. But if I find them I’ll let you know and then I’ll have to send them to you.

  5. Hmmm…crunchy dill sounds really good! I don’t know what you’re gonna do. Maybe your should start trying some other dill type chips? I dunno.
    Hope you figure something out soon…oh, and I’m glad to hear that your brother-in-law is doing better.

  6. Mmmmm.. crunchy dill sounds awesome! Maybe if you write the company they will sell you a case of them! :o)I’m glad to hear your brother in laws surgery was a success.. I wish him a speedy recovery.Take care & have a wonderful time at Six Flags!! AWESOME!! :o)

  7. We are going to six flags this summer too! Thinking about getting a water proof disposable camera to take along ( a group of 8 or more are going together). Practically the clan i posted pictures of today are going. Glad to hear the surgery went good. See if Pringles has a web site, and see if you can leave comments (sorry im too computer dependent these days).

  8. I’d contact the Pringles company anyway I could. . .try the net!  Tell them your delimma. . .now that your hooked, it hardly seems fair that they would take them away!  Besides, aren’t dill pickles one of the things that pregnant women always crave (with the exception of me!)~K.K.

  9. glad you bil is alright!!!!!!!!!!
    i stay away from pringles…because i can eat the entire can in one sitting!  LOL…. 😉  it’s called being a pringle overeater hahaha…

  10. EEEEWWWWWW! they say that pringles cause anal seepage. Sick.
    I totally think that the pringles co. should help you out on this one, seems very unfair to dangle the carrot and then take it away. Plus, I had one with you last week, and I must admit, I have thought about them often. Oh I love them! Yummmmmy!
    that other chick is right, don’t women always crave pickles? You’re gonna be eating ice cream without a spoon, but with a dil pringle instead! Awesome!
    I never post on sights, but something caught me on the pringle thing. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! lol, kills me!
    Don’t you just love things like that, a food you can’t do without, comforting. Have a wonderful day, im me when you get a chance, I’m alone till 11am. yes!
    I love you bye!

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