Chapter 16: Battle Ready

Last night I had another dream..   It is nothing more than a moment of feeling.  A piece that could have easily been in the dream I have posted before.   A simple reminder, to make sure I’m still paying attention.

I stand on the battlefield.  My back to the canyon walls behind me and my face turned toward the enemy lines.  It is early morning in the valley and the mist is just beginning to burn away with the sun.  It is going to be a clear and hot day.  I stand with my feet slightly apart my swords out. 

Two swords carried at the ready. 

The one I hold in my left hand is the sword of my ancestors, a generational gift.  The sword of a crusader.  Long, heavy, double edged, and powerful.  I hold this one straight out, tip to the enemy. 

The one I hold in my right hand is the sword forged for me in my youth.  The sword of a warrior.  Thin, light, quick and deadly.  None had ever been made to match it.  This one was just for me and I know the feel of it in my hand as if I were born with it there.  I hold this one crossing my chest held out ready to slash.

As I watch the enemy lines preparing to charge I can feel the armor I wear.  The heavy breast plate pressing in on my chest.  The boots strapped to my feet weighing so heavily.  I can feel my long hair pulled back and the helmet I wear.  I can hear my own heartbeat in my ears and my breath echoing in the helmet.

The enemy charges.  They are coming fast.  I dig in my feet and breath two deep breaths…. 

 IN_______ OUT_____ IN_______ OUT_____

I cry out with those around me and rush forward……

Then I woke up.  Sweat on my forehead and out of breath.  I wake up feeling as though the enemy is all around me and my hands are still clenched around the hilts of the swords I carry.  If not in my hands in my heart.  I laid my head back down and tried to go back to sleep.  Life goes on but the battle ever rages in my life.  I have one advantage though that the enemy never considers.   I know I will win, the Captain is on my side!



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  1. It rages as it ever has!  At least you are fighting for what’s right in your dreams!  RYNew Kitchen. . .Gorgeous!  We had a similar problem with our new refrigerator,. ..oh, it fits all right, but we had to take out some of the floor moldings to make it fit!  Luckily our cabintry was changed about 13 years ago and I had them actually enlarge the cabinets above the fridge. . .and luckily it worked!~K.K.

  2. Courtney, you have a gift to be able to see things the way you. I wonder what God is planning to do in you that the enemy would want you so badly? I often wonder that about Roger and I as we’ve  been attacked so much lately. But you are right, the Captain is at our side…and if we completly trust and serve Him…then we’ll have no second thoughts about running into the midst of the battle.
    When I was in Tennessee, I spent all day at my Cragfont. Most people think it is haunted, and it is, but not with ghost. Mr. Wylie lives there and he is an incredible man of God. He has taught me so much about Spiritual Warfare by leading me through the house and talking about what really is there. I’ve never understood until now how real the enemy is and how they walk this earth. They aren’t bound to hell or anything like it…but they walk the earth always watching, always listening to thier captain, and always working to steal what God has created. As odd as it sounds, I love that house and the land it sits on, because it has given me so much wisdom. Aside from the house itself, it seems like everywhere else you go, God is there overwhelming me with His love. And it shouldn’t suprise me, because it is in His love that He gives me power.
    Roger and I decided to put aside our attempts to have a baby. We know that God will bless us when it is time and right now the desire is too much of a distraction. We can feel God doing something in us, readying us, and realize that when He is finished…He’ll send us out into the world. I was  nervous that I wouldn’t be able to set aside me desire for a baby, but in truth…I have so much peace about it and I am so excited and privledged that He has chosen us…that I can wait.
    I’m going to add you and your husband to my prayer list. Mr. Wylie taught me to have breakfast with God in the morning and to invite Him to look over my list. It has been quite a fun experience…and I think God would be pleased to see you on there.
    Sorry for such a long comment. Take care and have an awesome and restful weekend. Always let me know if there is something you need prayer for…because I’ll be praying for you anyhow. You’ll be the first person on the list that I have never actually met!

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