Good afternoon Xangaland!

I have so much to do today.  In order to get the refrigerator we wanted we had to remove the upper cabinets in the kitchen.  I now have to paint behind them because the wall is a dingy Navaho white and my kitchen is red.  So that’s my project for the day.  Sound easy?  Well I have to triple coat everything because the red is so dark it requires a tinted primer.  So I’ll be at it all day. 

The appliances will be delivered tomorrow sometime.  I’m still waiting for the call letting me know when in the day it will be.  I will be back tomorrow with pictures of them however.

The shopping trip with my MIL was a success yesterday.  She found everything she wanted and more.  She got a china cabinet, a vanity stool, and a wing back chair for her living room.  All for a little more than $300.00.  Next time maybe I’ll have some money along with me and I can pick up a thing or two as well.  LOL

These next two months are going to be very busy for Ryan and I.  We have to finish all the projects around the house.  We also have two weeks off at the end of August beginning of September to do the yard.  Then I have to refinish the furniture with my mom.  Then we should be done with everything that still needed to be done around here and we can move on to bigger and better things.  There will always be something else to paint or build…… I like it that way.

Hope all of you have a good day today.  I’ll be back tomorrow with pictures as long as the stuff get’s here of course.  Take care.

Song of the day?  Believe in What You Want by Jimmy Eat World.  I was just in the mood for a bit of an upbeat song and them I love so here you go.



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  1. I WANT A RED KITCHEN…I love red!!! Glad everythings coming along and it was wonderful to talk to you this afternoon as well! Glad the shopping trip was a success….where is she shopping…I need to go there!
    3 more days……till my hubby is home!!!!!

  2. Im glad you had a great day. I think not talking to him is the right thing to do also. I cant wait to hear from you again and I hope to talk to you soon. I am really tired right now and Matt has me on the phone. sigh. I hope you like his pictures! hehe. I love the one in blue.  I will talk to you soon!!

  3. I have red furniture and i love it!  Something about the color red!  Makes me feel happy accept when my puppy is shedding and you can see his hair on it!  LOL!  You are so on the ball.  I wish I had the energy to do all that!  Have fun and I hope you get it all accomplished!Kelly

  4. Hi Courtney!!
    It’s good to keep busy!!! Usually, if I don’t get some kind of project done, I can’t get to sleep…not like I sleep well enough even when I am tired LOL…
    Your MIL got a great deal with her shopping!  That’s awesome!!!
    I also wanted to thank you for your well wishes!  I love my girl!!!

  5. Wow girl do you ever slow down? I think it’s great. I wish I had that energy. Hope everything arrives today.

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