Well Xangaland, we did it.  $1904.44 later we have a brand new refrigerator, range/oven, and microwave.  They are all whirlpool too so good deal.  They will be delivered sometime on Wednesday and of course whether you care or not there will be pictures!!!!  Have a great weekend everyone and good luck Colynsmom on your new baby Monday morning!


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  1. yay!  New toys!  I love getting new things.  I hope you enjoy them and I am glad its all taken care of.Have a great Saturday and I hope you are staying nice and cool.Kelly

  2. praise God!!!  i love pictures. i’d look at anything. u could take a picture of your floors and i’d look..and enjoy it too. lol that’s sad isnt it?  2 weeks!!!

  3. God works in mysterious ways… I heard a sermon last night that I think you might enjoy.. I will try and get a tape of it if you want.  I will try and explain more later.. basically “Can your faith take a “no” ” Standing guard over your dreams and defeating the enemy when he tries to attack no matter how many armies before you have been knocked down and defeated.

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