Sorry everyone I know it’s not for everyone!  I didn’t intend to leave that up for so long… (embarrassed face) lol  Just got busy.  Ryan and I just got home from seeing War of the worlds.  Good but very,……… scary but not in a booger man kind of way….  Hmmmm I don’t know what to think quite yet.  I’m really tired so I’m going to bed but I’ll be back tomorrow with something real…  cross my fingers… umm I mean heart! LOL



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  1. I know you knew what to do. I just worry that way. My in-laws live there and for some of them this is their first summer. They aren’t liking it very much.

  2. I thought the scariest scene in WotW was when they were in the mob and all those people wanted the car. That guy was tearing through the windshield with his bare hands!! That was the only scene in the movie that I couldn’t watch. I had my head on Dave’s shoulder and was like, “Just tell me when it’s over!”. I guess I can deal with fictional violence, like I know aliens are not going to invade and try and kill us, but I can’t deal with stuff that shows the bad side of human nature like that. That’s probably why I can’t watch scary movies like “Silence of the Lambs”, that’s just a little to freaky for me!! But overall WotW was really good, even though it had Tom Cruise in it and I am no longer a Tom Cruise fan. -Michelle

  3. I have yet to see the War of the Worlds, but myself not being a big Tom Cruise fan since he went ya know…crazy cant say I will go see it. He and I dont see eye to eye on mental health issues, and having a brother who is mentally ill, and seeing the first hand affects of medication and how it helps. I believe he is the one in desperate need of it.
    I just plain out dont like him….
    BUT glad you liked it…sorta, I cant really tell if you did or not. Havent really talked to you since the last time, just wanting to hi and miss ya!
    still is shock from Alaska….cant say Im looking forward to it, its too complicated trying to figure out how to move there.

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