This post is for my aunt and friend Sulimb. 

I remember when I was a little girl before you and Robert went to California I came over to your apartment.  I remember coloring in a Snow White coloring book with your colored pencils.  You told me that what I had done was so pretty I should be an artist.

You are the reason I took up drawing.

I remember when I was 9 or 10 I came to see you in California.  All the adults were talking and I wanted to too.  I quoted a poem.  You looked at me in shock and amazement and asked if I had made that up because if I had I should be a poet.  I told you I hadn’t.  But I can still remember the feeling of pride at having something to say that was worth saying and the feeling of disappointment when I had to admit it was someone else’s words.  I resolved to write something I could claim.

You are the reason   I write.

Thank you for these two unintentional gifts.


Go visit her Xangaland she’s awesome.  My other post for the day is still up below this one.  Take care



4 thoughts on “

  1.  What a gift you have given me with this post. I desperately needed it just now, and there you were as always. I never knew…and now I don’t know what to say. I love you so much daughter of my heart. More than you will ever know….Thank You.

  2. I think you are both great.  Very talented wordsmiths.  I’m inspired by you and, I must admit, a bit jealous of your talent. 
    RYC:  If I get up the courage to drive out there I will certainly let you know all about it  

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