Good evening Xangaland

I just finished reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince…. 

Quite frankly the book was wonderful, so well written and indeed another successful J.K. Rowling cliffhanger.   I can’t believe that we have a year or two more to wait before the next, and final, installment.

However not all things go the way you want them too and not all the endings are happy.  I feel so utterly torn up inside over what has changed in this book, …. and what has not.

I can’t say anymore or fear I might ruin it for those of you who haven’t begun it yet or haven’t finished it.  Only this. 

You must.

I feel like I did after I saw Star Wars Episode III

Elated, excited, depressed, and just downright teary eyed.

I think I’m gonna go cry now….




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  1. Hey lady. I was telling Susan and now I’m telling you be careful. I’m listning to the news and they’re talking about the deaths from the heat there. I know you’re not stupid and you know how tale care of yourself but I still had to say it. Take care. Hugs.

  2. You finished it? Did you cry? I bawled my eyes out….I can’t believe it! It was good, not my favorite like I said, but definitely good. So now…we sit and wait another two years, lol!

  3. I just finished it and I feel the same way. UH….. good read but not what i thought was going to happen.

  4. I’ve never read any of the Harry Potter books so I can’t begin to understand…but I am glad that books wrap you up so snugly. People that read…are the best…and have an imagination that at times is almost a curse.
    Still haven’t written a post for you on my Cragfont. I’m so tired…and will…because you dream keeps coming to mind. lol

  5. Oh bother, you were right about the ‘Sword of Shanarra ‘series, so I guess I have to at least try them. I’ll think it over while I finish Meg, and it’s companion whos name escapes me at the moment. By that time the new Shanarra book should be out. Love ya, Me

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