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I am so excited Xangaland! 

You’re all going to think I’m crazy though……

My parents left yesterday on a three week road trip and in exactly 19 days Ryan and I will be hitting the road and meeting them in Valencia, CA where we will be going to…… 



The last time Ryan and I went was about three years ago.  That was our first vacation since our honeymoon and we planned to have a great time.  We went in May and half the rides were closed and …. well I hate to say it but it’s true,  I was too fat to ride the rest.

We had no fun and left the park after only three hours! 

So here we are three years later I’m thin again so I can enjoy them and my parents are absolute kids at heart.  An amusement park is so much more fun in a group!  This should be so fun!  I can barely sit still!!!!  I know it’s not that big a deal but I just booked our rooms so I’m excited.  Have I said that already?

So we will be leaving early on the morning of  August 7th and returning on the afternoon of August 9th.

Okay song of the day?  Fun, Fun, Fun by the Beach Boys…  cause hello, California trip!  Yeah okay I’m done now.



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  1. I hope so. It could have been alot worse. I jumped from a 40 ft platform into the river yesterday. If I didnt have my Combat boots on I guarentee my ankle would be broke as well. Its gonna kill me hurting it this close to leaving. My recruiters arent gonna know about it either.

  2. take me!!!!!!!!!!!!! o wait..im gettin married. MAN!  lol..have fun!!!!! i wanna go to an amusment park soon!!

  3. ahh. ok 92 degrees isn’t lookin’ too bad. although we have like 70 some % humidity too…dont melt!!

  4. How exciting! I am so happy for you. Vacations are the best…
    Give me a little longer to figure out how to tell you about Cragfont. I’m not sure why I feel you need to know…but your dream keeps coming to mind…and well, I am an odd ball! lol

  5. Yeah, isn’t he though? He did that ’cause he could see that for some reason I was completely ignored today. Not that my feelings are hurt or anything! You helped too, thanks doll. Have fun with your mom and dad. They are fun to be around, huh? Love ya, Me

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