Contrary to how it makes things look, leaving this post up for too long, I am not in a bad or melancholy mood!  Just got super  busy.  I have just spent a wonderful day with my cousin by marriage and her little girl Macie.  My honorary niece.  We went antiquing and had soo much fun.  Now I’m off to make some jalapeno poppers and we are going over to their house for dinner so the guys can play x-box!  Should be fun.  I’ll write something a little more real later.  Until then stay cool.  I know I won’t I’m melting here in good old Phoenix, AZ.

Song of the day?  Summer in the City by The Lovin” Spoonfuls Why you might ask?  Because yesterday at noon on my back porch in the shade it was 118!!!!!  and right now at 4:30 it’s 114.  I could just die.  It’s so hot and last night at 9pm after a blowing thunderstorm it was 103.   Ugggggg I’m ready for October already!  (That’s when it STARTS to cool down.)  And unlike this song we don’t have cool nights but I couldn’t find an ‘It’s hot all the time stay inside and don’t move for six months’ type of song.  LOL



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  1. LMAO @ “an ‘It’s hot all the time stay inside and don’t move for six months’ type of song.”
    Sooo not missing AZ right now. 26 years was enough for me. I’ll go to AK before I willingly go back to AZ to live. Even in Northern AZ, its still Flipping Hot.
    I’ll take my mildly uncomfortable Colorado Springs summer. =) Good luck staying inside and cool.

  2. Okay then, do you kow any,”You really can fry an egg on the sidewalk in Arizona” songs? Hum? Do ya?
    Sounds like your in a better mood today. Everything okay?
    By the way, garden lady is working on her ‘Tiki’ theme. I’ll let you know when she’s done and invite you over for lunch and giggles. Love ya, Me

  3. Hey hunny!!! Ive missed you! im sorry that I am just now getting the chance to comment back to you. I updated my site and I even changed the background for Matt because hes had it super rough these last few days and I thought hed get a  kick out of it, which he did. I hope that you get to being in a better mood. lol. *big smile* I hope to talk to you soon!!!!!!!

  4. How about “I’m Just Walking on the Sun”?  I do believe the songwriter must have vacationed in Phoenix in July when he wrote this song!  Hope you had a good day.

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