Good Morning Xangaland!!!

I finished the blankets late last night and was just too tired to update but I have the pictures this morning.

I am going to be working with one of my cousins all day on music for a prayer meeting so I probably won’t be back until much later.


These first two pictures are of the bed set that Eric and Remy bought for their nursery so these are the colors I was matching.


Here is the first blanket.  It’s big and puffy and the colors are a little lighter than the picture lets on.  Sorry none of the blankets look square. They kept catching on the carpet and I did not have the patience to sit there and smooth out edges.

This is the second blanket.  It’s a light summer blanket and I have to say I really like the vertical stripes I’ve never done that before.

The two together.


Up close so you can see the texture.

A little hat I made with some extra yarn…  It cam out really cute.

All wrapped up.  You can’t really tell because the green fabric sucked the light but the reds are the same.

So there they are the long awaited pictures of the blankets only three more to go for the summer. 


Okay doctor news!

I went to my doctor yesterday and he said I’m doing better than any of his other patients.  I have lost 71% of the weight they want me to lose and I have lost 83% of my BMI.  I was at a 43 I am now at a 28.  He says mine is better than his now!

Then we had a really weird conversation.  He was asking me if I was going to want a tummy tuck cause I really don’t need one.  I was telling him no it wouldn’t make sense for me to pay the 15k out of pocket when the whole reason I did this was so we could have kids so what sense does having a tummy tuck make?  He then asked me how long we were going to wait to try and I told him a year.  He hemmed and hawed and said yeah a year is good your leveled out by then.  I thought he was acting like we should wait longer. 


He says then again I have a woman that had the surgery two weeks before you and she got pregnant two weeks after surgery.  She is almost seven months pregnant and is doing great and so is the baby.  She has still lost 90 pounds but the doctors are monitoring both of them and everything is fine.  So at six months your doing so well you could get pregnant now and it wouldn’t matter at all.

So hmmm interesting.  We have decided we just won’t try not to and we’ll see what happens. So cross your fingers and pray and we shall see.


Okay I’m off to get ready and go pick up my cousin.

Song of the day? Godspeed by the Dixie Chicks.  Because it’s the most beautiful lullaby.  Which I just thought was appropriate.



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  1. That’s how Dave and I got pregnant, we just decided to not stop it and if it happened, that would be good and if it didn’t we wouldn’t worry about it. A couple months later, there was that little pink line!! I really hope you guys get pregnant, I can’t think of two people who would make better parents. And then you can make blankets for your baby!! Those blankets are really adorable. I love them! -Michelle

  2. I’ll keep you both in my prayers. We’ve been trying for a while…and my best friend /cousin just found out she is pregnant…on accident. They’ve not been married a year and she’s only twenty. It is hard not to get discouraged and worried. But, I really just have to be patient and trust God. Once I do get pregnant, I know I’ll be scared to death of loosing it…so right now…I think I am just going to enjoy going to Tennessee and seeing my “old home”…in complete peace! God will take care of both of you, Courtney.
    Sometimes, I tell you things that I try to tell myself. You’re like…therapy! lol

  3. No, it wasn’t you, but it is someone on xanga and she is having a really hard time getting pregnant. I’m just having a hard time over-coming my human nature that wants someone I don’t like to not be happy. I need to rise above that and be a better person. -Michelle

  4. Beutiful blankets. I want to learn how to make the hats. My neighbor is supposed to teach me. Good luck. That’s great news from the doctor.

  5. So glad the doctor’s visit went so well! I know it makes you happy to see things have gone so well! Good luck with getting pregnant…I hope it doesn’t take any time at all! :O) The blankets are too CUTE! You’re very talented! Two of the baby blankets we cherish the most were knitted by a good friend of my mom’s. They’re so soft and gorgeous….such a great gift!

  6. What? I’m going to be a great Aunt and I have to find out about it on here? Just kidding, I talked to your mom earlier today and she told me. Cause she was so excited! Yeah, whoopee and yoo hoo! About the first  blanket though, that looks an awful lot like the theme you picked..? What’s up with that? Love ya mucho much, Me

  7. OMG!!! That is great news courtney!!! So when can you two start trying to conceive?? I am so frutin excited for you guys! you deserve this soooooooooo much!! ahhhh *tear* hehe. So you like our picture? me too!! I have done nothing but think about him today hun..I almost felt like crying a few minutes ago..he is just so amazing and I am really falling for him…Im just very taken aback by this new feeling..its not like anything ive felt before…its amazing. hope I get to talk to you soon too. I miss you, but keeping me updated is all i need to know everything is going well…im waiting to see im going to see matt tonight and I might update after look around and leave your love because you know I always want it!! talk to you later,

  8. WOW!  Where to even start!  Congrats on the wonderful news from your Doc!  The blankets are great.  Ben still carries a blankie and its one that a friend made for him.  So soft and snuggly!Have a great night.Kelly

  9. Good luck with everything. I had the surgery almost 3 1/2 years ago and then had a tummy tuck almost 2 years ago and I just had my daughter almost 3 months ago. I am having a little trouble losing what I gained from having her only cuz I carried her really really high. other than that it all went fine. The blankets look wonderful. I’m sure that they will love them.

  10. I literally had to scream out loud when I heard your doctor news. I am praying hard for you girl…..God knows when it will happen and he will make sure you all are safe and sound and healthy. Love you girl!

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