Okay so I made this entry at 10:26am and it is now 1:07pm.  Have I started working on the blanket yet?  NOPE so I guess I should go get started!  Talk to you all much later.


Good Morning Xangaland!

Today I have to work hard on a blanket.  I have procrastinated so bad that I am in trouble.  I have been so busy and then we were working on the house and I stopped working on it, now it’s due on Saturday and I have more than half to do and a couple of really busy days this week so I have to work on it hard today.  I am going to leave the song of the day from yesterday because it just makes me smile.  If you haven’t seen them there are family pictures below.  I will try to come back later but it depends on how much I get done today. 



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  1. Hope you get lots done! I have cards to make and I’m totally putting it off…I’m feeling lazy today. RYC: Glad to know I’m not the only one who loves Harry Potter! I’m so excited…I’m literally jumping up and down waiting on it to get here, lol! Who says you *have* to grow up anyway? LOL!

  2. You will do fine and it will turn out like all the other awesome blankets you have made. Responding to the comment up above, i totally love all the Harry Potter movies, and we have game cube games also of Harry Potter.

  3. You sound like me!! I’m alway putting stuff off until the last minute. It’s always getting me in trouble!! By the way, I loved the e-mail you posted earlier. Do you mind if I e-mail it to my hubby’s ROTC detachment?? I think they would benefit from seeing a high level of professionalism like that. -Michelle

  4. You sound like me. . . the great procrastinator of all time. . .somehow I seem to work better under pressure. . . but I can’t do it with crafts. . . last time I tried, I didn’t get my son’s quilt done in time for Christmas. . .and guess what?  It’s still not done!  Shame on me!~K.K.

  5. Thank you for all your prayers…. I am glad to announce that Panama City didn’t get the brunt of the hurricane. Around base there are a few trees snapped in half and limbs down around housing…. A few in my yard…. but the houses were still here in tact. It was a big fear to everyone here…. because the storm surge was suppose to be 13-18 feet here…. and the base is only 7 foot about sealevel… I thought I was coming home to a flooded house. If the hurricane would have hit even a few miles closer housing would have been a goner.

  6. I hate procrastination. But I am one…so I know that feeling. Good Luck on finishing it speedily and on time. *sending LOVELY blanket thoughts*…
    when you get a chance I would like to talk to you about some stuff going on with my marriage and get your advice…let me know when you have time. No rush!

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