Good Morning Xangaland!

I’m back!  I finished painting the office and we have it mostly put back to normal now.  We are getting the tile saw today to finish off the countertop and then there will be pictures.  The other thing I’m doing today is painting the room that will be our nursery sometime soon hopefully. 

So to give you a quick update on my cousin Kallie and her new little girl Katelyn.  They are both doing fine, seems they are out of danger and recovering nicely.   Here is a picture of Kallie looking happy as a lark if not completely exhausted!

Here are a couple of Nathan (Daddy) holding his brand new baby girl.

It was so sweet.  When she was born and I got to go back in the nursery with Nathan he just stood there looking at her.  I told him she was beautiful and asked him what he thought… he simply said he was in shock and he couldn’t believe that there was this little person he was responsible for that looked like him… I wish I’d had a camera the look on his face was priceless.  Joy, fear, awe, simple wonderment.

So there she is Katelyn Renee.  Healthy, happy, and loved!

Congratulations Nathan and Kallie.

Okay I’m going to try to get around and visit everyone then I have to go paint.  I hope all of you are having a great weekend.  We had plans to have a barbeque with the family but then Ryan got a last minute weekend duty so he works all four days!  Yuck!!!  Talk to you all soon.

Song of the day? If by Bread because that’s just the look that Nathan has on his face when he looks at his little girl.




8 thoughts on “

  1. i’m glad they are doing great! beautiful baby!!
    and i can’t believe u can’t do fireworks!! that’s so wrong!! lol.  the county that aly and i are gonna live in can’t have fireworks, even tho they sell them to ppl…oh well. lol we’ll be coming back over the county line where my parents are, it’s legal there. =) anywho, have a happy fourth!!! u guys are flying on your list of things to do! sheesh!

  2. Glad to hear she is doing okay. Sounds like your just moving along on the house. Cool beans. Have a great holiday with the family. Love, me

  3. How beautiful is that little girl!!!  Wow!  Makes me rethink my decision to stop at two!  LOL!  Glad mom and daughter are well.  My husband still has that look on his face sometimes.  Have a great day and fun working on the house.Kelly

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