Last night Ryan and I did go to the Home depot and got all of our stuff to do our projects.  Then we got the call that my cousin Kallie had gone into labor.  So we went home unloaded and arrived at the hospital at 10pm.  Only to find out she had been in labor since 9 the previous night.  So after 36 hours of labor she ended up having an emergency c-section at 5:52am. 

Katelyn was 21 inches long and 7 pounds 14 oz.  Her momma is doing just fine but she has a few problems.  Katelyn has a heart murmur and Kallie had an infection during labor that they are afraid passed to Katelyn since she didn’t respond very well on her tests. 

So could you all please pray for her and her momma.

Sorry this is so short but I took Ryan home at 11 last night and then went back and I literally walked in the door 20 minutes ago. 



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  1. I’ll say a prayer for them. Just to let you know I was born with a heart murmur and it cleared itself up when I got older, so she might not have it forever. Oh and prayers to your cousin on a quick recovery from the c section, I can now say I know just how rough and painful it can be, not much fun at all.

  2. hope they are ok.  i hope you are too.  i have been taking care of other stuff around the house.  i think that dec 31 is a great goal you and your hubby have going good luck.

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