Good Morning Xangaland!

I’m actually really excited about today.  I’m going out with my mom to do some shopping and make some lists.  Ryan and I have a goal…. By December 31 our yard, house, finances, and lives will be in as close to perfect order as we can get it.  Reason?  Because then we get to start trying to have a baby and it will never be in order again!  Is it really ever? Well especially not after you have kids! LOL.  So we thought we’d get everything we wanted to get done, done now so that we can focus on a family!  So here is our project list that mom and I will be shopping around for….

  1. Clean out closets and reorganize
  2. Clean out sheds and garage
  3. Clean out dressers
  4. Donate cloths
  5. Reorganize laundry room and pantry
  6. Move Christmas decorations to the attic
  7. Refinish antique buffet
  8. Paint nursery (guest bedroom)
  9. Paint guest bathroom
  10. Paint office
  11. Re tile both bathroom countertops
  12. Refinish antique dresser for nursery

Then we are selling some of our old furniture and replacing it with space saving stuff.  Like in our bedroom we have a highboy dresser and an entertainment center.  So we are going to buy a TV armoire to combine it.  We are going to replace our nightstands too because everything was a matching set:  Nightstands, highboy, and long dresser with mirror which I’m using as a buffet.  My in laws have already decided they want the set and are paying us $350.00 for them! 

So basically it’s a lot of little projects to get the house finished.  It should be fun…  So mom and I are going to go to Home Depot and some consignment places and just basically help me get a game plan together for the next few months and write up a supply list. 

I’m going to try to get around to all of you but I have to get ready soon!

Song of the day? I Want To Break Free by Queen simply for the reason that this song is one of my all time favorites! I know every word, every beat, and every note in this song.  When it comes on I have to just lip sing and dance until it’s over.  It is one of the few songs that just make me lose my self, my stress, my worries….  My husband thinks I’m nuts.  He says if I would do it just once when he had a camera he would make a ton of money!  LOL  See you all later I’m gonna go break free….



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  1. Im soo excited for you and Ryan to start trying to have a baby. Your excatly right…nothing is EVER the same after having children…lol! Its complete and total beautiful chaos…! Good Luck with all your projects, wish I was as motivated as you to get everything oragnized. I need to soon with the move! Im still counting on you to come to Bragg and decorate my house…lol :)!!!!!!! Have fun with your mom!
    P.S Im super EXCITED to see D this weekend…!!!!!!!!

  2. That’s a good plan, getting everything ready before you start your family. I wish we had done something like that, but sometimes life surprizes you! Not that I’d trade my baby girl for anything, but still, it would be nice to have the credit card paid off before she comes! Good luck with getting everything together, I’m sure it will look georgeous when you are done, everything you do turns out beautiful! -Michelle

  3. Excellant song choice for the previous post. I love that sond and it definantly fit the story. You were treated so poorly. It amazes me that some people  are like that when they should do everything they can to keep your bussiness.
    Ryan really needs to get a picture of that and post it so we can all see. Have a great day.

  4. wow.. good luck with everything… sounds like a lot of fun.
    (I have never been to the cheesecake factory at 83rd and Bell and now I don’t plan to.. we went to the one in Scottsdale.. the employees were ok but not as friendly as other places and we found that the cheesecake at PF Changs was much bigger than it was there)

  5. whew u made me tired reading all that to do stuff lol..yucky work! hehe…GOD luck with that!!! you’ll be glad tho when it’s all been done and complete

  6. Ohhh hunny, have fun with all that! The only time I like to clean is when I am a wreck and really mad!! lol. I am super excited that you get to start trying to have a baby soon!! ahhhhhhh. life will never be the same! Sigh. you better get to commenting woman, only kidding of course. Tkae your time in reorganizing and use it to self refect too. Im sure you already thought of this..but cleaning and stuff is always a good time to look ahead. As for me, right now I have to get busy on my english paper thats due in like 48hrs and then get ready for school tomorrow. i hope to talk to you tonight if you get a chance to break free. lol. have a good day hun.

  7. You may be the most organized human I have ever known.  I cant even plan out my day!  LOL!HAve a great night Courtney!KElly

  8. Like I said to Ryan about the previous post, what tip? And since I’ve already talked to you and know just exactly what you managed to accomplish today, congratulations are definately in order. So, how’s Callie and the baby? Ha, ha, teaser for your fans. See you in the morning, I’ll call you at 10. Lots of love, Me

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