Good Afternoon Xangaland!

I’m feeling a little better today thanks to a good and long nights sleep and my wonderful husband dosing me with some sleepytime Tylenol!  Phantom of the Opera was simply fantastic last night.  Beautiful performance, amazing set changes, and some bring the house down music of course.  I really enjoyed it, sick as I was, I’m very glad that I went.  It was an all girls night out.  My mom and my two sisters,  we’ve had the tickets for a year now and it was worth the wait.  My dad and Ryan went to see the new Batman movie and eat dinner.  They had a blast and I must say I’m a bit jealous.  I wanted to see Batman too!  Oh well I’m sure he could sit through it again as he can’t stop talking about it!

On to the day of our anniversary!  I made up two gift bags for Ryan.  One had the movie Hitch in it and a coupon for a home cooked meal and the other had two movie passes and a home made coupon promising him dinner at the cheesecake factory.  All he had to do was choose which one he wanted to redeem that night.  He choose the ‘out’ gift bag and so we set out.

We went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner since I have only been there once and him never.  We don’t usually go to expensive restraunts we don’t really see the point especially since I can’t eat much but this was our fifth anniversary!  We had a 45 minute wait to be seated which was expected no big deal.  Then we were seated and we ordered our food.  It was pretty good though not at all spectacular or worth the amount charged but hey you only live once so no big deal.  Service was okay but not great but hey they were busy so no big deal.  Then we got one slice of cheese cake so Ryan could try the real stuff.  We split it since I can’t really eat it.  It cost $6.00 for one slice and we got plain, I have had it there before so I know it’s supposed to be huge and worth your $6.00.  Yeah it came out and was an inch across at the back!  Smallest piece I have ever seen.  Then our waitress comes with our check.  BIG DEAL!  She charged me an extra $3.00 on my dinner for getting a shrimp chicken split instead of choosing one or the other.  No big deal if she had mentioned that it cost more but she didn’t.  I didn’t say anything because hey it’s only your anniversary once we can live with paying three bucks.  Okay ready for the part that is the big deal?

So we give her our debit card…. She comes back a few minutes later and announces to us and the surrounding tables that our card was declined!  I know for a fact that we had over $100.00 there but I gave her our credit card that also had enough.  She comes back and tells us that was declined as well.  So I give her my debit thinking maybe Ryan’s is going bad or something.  She comes back and announces that it was also declined and if we don’t have anything else to try she will get a manager.  We don’t so she does.

The manager comes out and by this time we are being stared at and we are so dang embarrassed. 

He says ‘well if you have a checkbook with you I guess we could take a check but I’m really not supposed to, are you sure you have money?’ 

What the crap?!  So Ryan says ‘You know what I’ll just leave my wife here and run over to the movie theater and get it out of the ATM.’ 

The manager says ‘Okay whatever you want to do but I’ll need you to leave me your drivers licence.’ 

Like I’m not collateral enough right?  So Ryan quite literally runs over to the theater and withdrawals $60.00 dollars since our bill is $39.00 and we still have to tip and of course we are charged $2.00 out of pocket to withdrawal since it wasn’t one of our ATM’s.  Oh and guess what?  Same card no problem money came right out on the first try.

Ryan gets back to the restaurant and we hand the money to the manager, who has made me stand in the lobby all this time so as not to take up his table a moment later, by the way.

I handed him the money and said ‘See there was money this was from the same card and account.’ 

He takes the money and I asked for change from the last 20 for the tip.   He comes back with 4 fives.  Am I going to tip $10 on a $39 meal after this?  No siree! 

So I say, ‘excuse me can I get change for this five?’ 

He rolls his eyes and say, ‘oh you need small change’.  So he got the change comes back and take our money and walks away. 

Okay so here’s the problem.  Did he offer to take some of the charge off of our meal since it obviously by then was their fault not ours, or since I had to pay and extra $2 since his machine didn’t work, or since we missed our movie because of this, or since we were horribly embarrassed by his staff on our anniversary, or since my husband had to run to an ATM a block away due to this man’s mechanical problems, did he even apologize for the inconvenience?  NO HE DID NOT! Did he even wish us a good evening?  Nope.  So I’m going online and making a formal complaint and I’m going to do everything in my power to make someone listen to how mad I am about this and do something about it. 

Okay so that’s the story.  I am so mad about this I could spit!  So there you have it happy anniversary to us! Ha and the movie we went to see wasn’t very good at all and thanks to this stupid episode we had to wait until 10:00pm to see it so we were out until after 12:30 which means what?  Oh yeah no sex for us on anniversary night just sleep.  Arrrgggg I want to wring somebodies neck!  Okay sorry I’m done end rant.

Talk to all you all later.  I’ll try to come back with something happier!

Song of the day? My Give A Damn’s Busted Why?  Isn’t it obvious.  I’m mad!!!!



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  1. I am so sorry that happened to you.. which one did you go to?  (I like to call restaurants and refuse my service for the way they treat others)  Well, hope the rest of your weekend went well.  Take care.

  2. Was yesterday your anniversary (the 25th?) Cause that was our anniversary. I am sorry you had such a humiliating experience with that restraunt. How horrible. I think it’s SO unprofessional when they make it a PUBLIC notice that something like that has happened. I once had a receptionist from a doctors office holler across the waiting room at me to see if my kid was still on a medical card. I could have crawled under the chairs. Idiots….that is what this world is full of. To sad.  Hope you just enjoyed your time with each other.

  3. I am so sorry for your rotten anniversary. My sister-in-law wanted to go to the Cheesecake factory for her birthday back in February. So, the entire family dressed up and drove out there. You have to remember that my family is ENORMOUS. Roger has six other siblings, his parents have remarried and now there are six other soblings (half of them mentally and physically handicapped adopted children)…so there were A LOT of us. Plus, a lot of the people from church came along. The people made us wait for nearly two hours and gave us terrible looks because we were admittedly a strange group. We weren’t the classy and fancy people walking in and out with ease…and no wait! The finally seated us after making it a very big deal. When one of my other sister-in-laws asked how much longer before we were seated, the waitress replied, “Maybe you should go somewhere else.”   ?!?!
    Perhaps the Cheescake factory is run by Nazis or something?

  4. Awww hunny. Some grand anniversary huh? Well I hope you know all of us here are grinding our teeth right along with you. What a jerk…im sorry that you had such a bad experience. I hope to hear from you soon, I miss you! Ahhh. Okay, well I dont have much to say other than I cnat wait to talk to you and I hope that you feel better. and again, Happy anniversary.

  5. OMG…I would be sooo angry…that sucks Courtney….Im sorry…and no sex on your anniversary…thats even worse! LOL!
    Sorry ya’ll had a horrible evening out…*Ive never liked Cheesecake Factory either*….I’ll kick em’ for ya ? 🙂

  6. Wow.. I cannot believe how incredibly rude they all were to you.. I hope you get a response from someone.. that is so ridiculous how you were treated.  For them to embarrass you in front of the entire restaurant is absurd.  I really hope you and Ryan both write letters or make a formal complaint to their headquarters on how you were treated (and on your anniversary to boot….) 

  7. OK, I am not going to the Cheesecake Factory ever again!! Seriously, I don’t think restaurants realize that when you give bad service to one customer, you not only lose their business but also the business of all their friends and family. And in the age of the internet, that can be alot of people. Like I said, we are not going there again! I can’t believe they cheated you out of sex on your anniversary!! That just makes me mad. Everyone should get to have sex on their anniversary! Grrrrrr. Time to go kick some Cheesecake factory butt! -Michelle

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