Right this moment exactly five years ago the strains of Here Comes the Bride began to play and my father led me through the doors into the sanctuary. 



I saw a sea of faces turn toward me as the audience stood. 


I was wearing a dress right out of my fantasies. 


I walked down a long aisle on my father’s arm and heard him lean down and say, “Not too fast I only get to do this once”  


My father stopped at the bottom of the steps and kissed my cheek and promised me to someone new.



I saw the man I loved standing before me with tears in his eyes smiling at me, his bride.


I stepped forward and took Ryan’s hand and walked up the steps to a new life.



I said my vows and I took communion before God.


A reminder of how we had pledged to lead our lives.




I held the hand of the man who was now my husband.


At last…..


I turned around as Mrs. Courtney M. Laube a person I had dreamed about as a child, though then it was spelled Lobb,

and who was now a real person!



Five years ago right at this moment……




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  1. Yep, you did. I was there and I saw the whole thing. No backing out now sweetie pie. Not that you would. LOL Congrats. Are you guys going out tonight? Love, me

  2. OH!!! *tears* HAPPY ANNIVERSARY YOU TWO!!!! I am so happy for you both and hope that you have enjoyed your special day together. Xanga has been all kinds of crazy lately so im just now getting my update and such on your journal. I am so happy for you two. You are just as beautiful and the two of you..just as adorable as 5 years ago. Sigh….im happy for you both!! aww..okay enough. night hun!!

  3. Happy Anniversary.. I am so happy for you two.  The pictures are great.  I’m just glad I got to be a part of that sea of faces watching you walk down the isle.  Hope and pray you have a wonderful day.  Enjoy the Phantom of the Opera tomorrow.  See ya, Stephanie

  4. Beautiful, Courtney…you have so much love within you that is so clear and vivid. I pray that it will always be there, doubling between you and Ryan, giving you your heart’s desire and even more. For within the two of you, God has placed something special, created before the breath filled you, and protected through each and every storm that has come…and will come. How awesome! Five Years!! But…it is only the begining…

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