Good Afternoon Xangaland!

This as I’m sure you have already guessed will not be another part of my story as I have sudden and complete writers block.  I have nothing to write about.  And while I am sure that my entire life can not be summed up in the short 13 chapters there already are I can think of nothing else.  So that will be for another day!

To answer the questions put to me,  1) Nope the van hasn’t sold yet..  No dice… I never heard back from the couple that came to see it on Saturday and I have received no new calls…  ((sigh))  Oh well all in God’s hands!  2) Ryan passed his test with flying colors and is now a registered, holder of an m-class licence and rode his motorcycle to work for the first time today!  I am really excited about it.  This is going to save us about 15 dollars a week in gas!

Ryan and I are looking at helmets for the bike since we need good DOT approved ones.  These are the two we are looking at.  We have a place here in town that sells them for less but these are the only pictures I could find of them.  So here you have it…. This would be Ryan’s, and this one would be Mine!  These are department of transportation approved.  So we shall see.

There is not much on the docket for today other than crocheting of course!  I have a pretty lazy week lined up, which I intend to take full advantage of and get some personal projects done that have been put off for far too long due to how busy our lives have become.  Not to mention I am going to file away all of my paperwork which has been cluttering up my desk for four months!

I really have nothing else to write about so I am going to go visit all of you.  I hope all of you are having a wonderful day.  Take care and be safe!

Song of the day? Liquid by Jars of Clay.  Old school stuff but for me…. memories of hot summer days, camp, early high school, friends long scattered, yourth groups……..



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  1. this song takes me back too…sheesh. wth?! im old.  if things “take me back” that just proves it right there..LOL.  yay he passed the test!! boo for the no selling of the van!

  2. 20 yrs ago…wow….that’s…..well…that’s….OLD!! LOL. jp with ya. this comment wont help you feel younger but “i have no clue who the ewoks are..or however you spell it. i was 2 yrs old 20 yrs ago….lol”   okayyyyy, welp…yeh..hahahahaha

  3. Hey Hunny! Well, I was kind of dissapointed today that when I called Bill, to invite him to dinner with me, my sister and her boyfriend, he had already made plans…but I am trying not to get myself involved too deep..that way if he hurts me it wont hurt as bad to let go this time. I have thought a lot about Mike lately and I hate it. I know its going to take some time to heal..and sometimes it hurts really today..but I hope it goes away. Well I hope you sell the van soon! Lazy days are nice sometimes..I could use one. Mabye Sunday will be mine. I am glad you think Bill is great though. Mabye what I want right now isnt what I know? Mabye just the casual dating without attatchments is exactly what I need right now even though what I want is that commitment..I guess I will just let it go everyday. I hope you have a great day tomorrow and I will talk to you then!

  4. Cool Helmets!  Hope he’s not driving around without one!  They have to be worn by law here!  I understand about writer’s block. . .as for me. . .I just haven’t made the time!  The schedule gets hectic sometimes!~K.K.

  5. Oh, yeah. Get good helmets! I have to confess, I have a fear of motorcycles. When my son was really little, about 18 months or so. Whenever we saw a motorcycle I would say,”Motorcycle, dangerous, hurt baby!” LOL I was brainwashing him early cause I didn’t want him to like them when he got older. Am I an evil mom or what?!?!?

  6. he looks soo precious on his bike…my hubby would be INCREDIBLY jealous of Ryan!!! He is CRAZY about bikes!! Awesome helmets!!!!
    Have fun being lazy all week, you deserve it!

  7. Ahhhh! That is so cool! You were an actual part of history!! Isn’t it so beat to have that feeling? I love it! Okay, Ill leave you another comment after my homework is done and I post about today! I love the song on here too!!

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