So I got everything done on my list of things to do, I have started the next blanket, read one whole book, and watched the Grudge with Ryan.  Eh not so hot but hey…… So I have accomplished a lot so far but there is always more to do.

Ryan had classes yesterday and today and has so far received hundreds on his tests.  Tomorrow is the qualifying day so hopefully he passes with flying colors and will be able to ride the bike to work from now on. 

I had someone call on the van today and actually show up.  They looked at it drove it around and said they would get back to me.  They acted like they really liked it and needed it.  Here’s to my fingers crossed! 

Hope all of you are having a great weekend.  I will be back with something more interesting either tomorrow or Monday…. Maybe another part to my story it has been awhile.  We’ll see…. 

Song of the day? You Wanted More by Tonic  Hmmm Just been in a Tonic sort of mood lately I guess.  Good upbeat song though…… kind of!



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  1. Good afternoon Hun! I updated for you!! LOL. I am so sorry it took me forever and a Day to update. Things have been so busy that I lost track of the days and forgot! I missed you! How are you doing? It sounds like you might be selling the van soon? YAY!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you and Ryan! Oh goodness. Before I went to work yesterday, I took my car to my brothers shop to have them look at the spark plugs and get a tune up. Well the guy put the wrong spark plugs on my car and he knew it, but he let me pay for the wrong ones and worst drive witht he wrong ones on it all day. On my way to work, right when I got off the car stopped. Yeah. I was scared to death. The spark plug came off completely. Can you believe that? BLAH!!! oh well. They gave my dad the right ones so hes putting them on today some time before I go to my practice. Woohoo. Okay. So you know about my date now, what do you think?? Is he sounded any good right now? I have to admit though Hun..A lot of the time I was with Bill, I was thinking about Mike…and I got really sad and felt terrible about it..How long is it going to hurt  like this? I just want to move on! I have to do my homework now and then get ready for choir. Talk to you soon! Have a great day!! I might see Bill again tonigh too!! ahhhh….

  2. I was disappointed in grudge, but at least it kept me busy for an hour or so. I have not read a whole book in a very long time. Wish you luck with your van.

  3. Which book did you read, and when can I read it? LOL We need to get together soon girl, I’ve been missing you. Maybe after the van sells. Love ya, Me

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