Good Morning Xangaland!

I have a busy day ahead of me but hey what’s new!  Today I am going to go out to lunch with Emily who I haven’t seen for over a week.  Why you might ask?  She finally got a job with the city of Phoenix.  She is only part time right now but they hire internally so here’s to hoping! So for the day I have a list of things I need to do……

Go to Walmart (for yarn)
Go to the Library (some of my holds are in)
Go to the bank (deposit a check)
Finish laundry
Replace fish tank filters
Do bills
Wrap Blankets

So busy, but not unmanageable.  Speaking of blankets, I have finished the next two… So I now have four of eight done!  Here are the pictures……

These two are for Emily’s younger sister who is due September 27th, she is having their second child a little boy…. The first is the winter blanket..

This one is the summer blanket…..

And just for kicks I thought you might like to see my ‘presentation’.  This is how I wrap blankets for a shower.  I figure every new mother could use a basket right?  Besides it looks so pretty!  These of course are the blankets for my cousin who is due July 6th but her shower is next Saturday!

So there you go more blankets… 

Emily is going to be here at 11 so I am going to try to get most of this stuff done before she gets here except for the errands of course.  I’m gonna see if I can bribe her to come along for those.  However if I don’t get it all done this morning I have the whole evening to myself. Tonight is the first day of Ryan’s motorcycle class through the base.  He gets off a bit early from work so I expect him home at about 3pm then he has to shower and be at the class by 4pm.  It goes until 9pm then he has practical (riding) classes Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 4:30pm.

Well that’s about it nothing more interesting than that going on… Oh one small thing… Ryan’s brother Zack?  Did find a job here so instead of moving back in August he will be home for good next week.  We shall see how that works out.  I hope everything works out for the best….. Okay so that’s it.  I hope all of you are having a wonderful day!

Song of the day? More Love, More Power by Michael W. Smith.  Why?  Because this is one of the songs I grew up singing in church…. No one sings it anymore and to even hear it is like coming home again… Such power in such simple words…

More love, more power
More of You in my life

And I will worship you with all of my heart
And I will worship you with all of my strength
And I will worship you with all of my mind
For You are my Lord
You are my Lord

More faith, more passion
More of You in my life




9 thoughts on “

  1. those look great! 
    enjoy your day! thank u so much for all your prayers! remember, WALMART RULES! lol haha…oh hey..uh i can help u out, give me that check, i’ll go deposit it..=)..

  2. Those are too cute! Everyone is sooo talented…I have such gifted friends! :O) Have a wonderful day today…enjoy lunch with your friend. Mine left for Disney World this morning so I’m on my own for a week…(((Hugs)))

  3. The blankets are precious Courtney. And the basket, ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!!!!! Do you think you could make a blanket for Hannah? I will pay! Just whenever  you finish the other 4…no hurry, just wondering If you say no I completely UNDERSTAND. You have a lot on your plate! I would just like one for a keepsake, and possibly if we ever decide to have more children!!
    Glad you have lunch with Emily, and congrats on her job.
    Hope to talk to ya soon.
    Email me about the blanket. REMEMBER NO IS OK….you dont have to I understand!

  4. That is beautiful!  (the basket)  hehe..That big puffy blanket looks oh so comfortable!  It looks like it would be softer than a cloud..
    Well, hope you get all your stuff done!!
    *hugs* kritti

  5. Cool, tell Em I said congratulations. Which branch is she working at? The blankets look great kiddo, you’re busting ’em out I see. Great job. I think we’re gonna go see “it” tomorrow, I’ll let you know…love ya, Me

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