*Another Edit*

So we go out to go shopping because today is of course payday and low and behold the guy calls says he got held up at work and is now on his way to see it.  So we rushed back home and we’re now waiting…. So please keep your fingers crossed Xangaland!!!



Well it’s 4:30pm and I have not had a phone call from the man and he hasn’t shown up.  So we shall see!


Okay Xangaland!  Cross your fingers for me.  I have someone coming to look at our van this afternoon at about 2:30pm.  We really need to sell this thing.  I need the money to pay off some bills which would put us just that much more ahead and then I won’t have to pay insurance on the thing!  I really just want it gone!!!!  I will be back later to let you know how it went. 

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright by Deana Carter

There are times when my heart is uneasy with fear
The answers are nowhere in sight
Then I hear a sweet voice whisper soft in my ear
Everything’s gonna be alright

When I see the people with hunger in their eyes
And no guidance through the night
Once again that sweet voice whispers soft in my ear, sayin’
Everything’s gonna be alright

I’ll show you the way if you’ll only believe
Everything’s gonna be alright
I’ll show you the way if you just believe me
Everything’s gonna be alright

Now I can see it’s all comin’ home
The message rings clear and bright
Just as He promised, no one ever walks alone
And His love will show the light

See the light shine, oh how it shines
Everything’s gonna be alright
See the light shine, oh how it shines
Everything’s gonna be alright
Everything’s gonna be alright

Song of the day?  Everything’s Gonna Be Alright by Deanna Carter.  Because it will…….

Talk to all of you later.  Take care.


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  1. Good Luck Courtney!  I just hate putting adds in the paper and then having all these strangers come to the house. . .went throught that when I had to sell my mom’s car about a zillion years ago, and I never want to do that again!  But for your sake, I hope you sell it today!~K.K.

  2. Thank you so much Courtney. Everything you said is exactly how I know it should be  and you are right about everything you said. I am a complete mess right now and one minute I really Bill and cant wait to see him..but then there are time that I just dont want to do it again..dont want to go through it all again and that isnt fair towards him as well as myself..because I never know who could be out there waiting for someone just like me too. And you are right..just experience..no regrets. I loved him with all I could and I tried my hardest..and I learned from that and grew from that and it has made me stronger..and so have you and your support you give to me everytime I feel like giving up. Bill is a very nice Man..and he always tells me not to think too much about it. Not to over think things..and I like that. A lot. I think he likes me, but just hime willing and wanting to be there for me right now as a freind..without all of this drama and hurt attached is exactly what I want and need..and God gave him to me. So I will have to tell you about Friday when it comes along and from now on..I am going to do my best to just move on and not talk about HIM anymore..Thank you so much for your love and support Courtney. It means the world to me. Really.

  3. :still crossing my fingers!:
    What’s up with motorcycle classes LOL…my bro just got a cycle shipped to Germany!!!  It scares me to death! (I am such a paranoid person to start with).
    Much love,

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