Okay I visited everyone and it took me hours!!!  Sorry I got so behind though.  What a weekend you all had!

Good morning Xangaland!

Sorry it has been so long since my last entry.  I have, as always, been quite busy.  Life it seems will never slow down and so I must learn to just work around it.  LOL 

Saturday and Sunday were good days.  We got a lot done.  Both the cars are washed, the dogs are washed, and the laundry and dishes are caught up.  The house is also clean to the corners. 

We had a wonderful Memorial Day too.  For the first time in years we didn’t have a party or barbeque.  (Lack of Funds!!) Instead we had a wonderful lazy day just the two of us.  We woke up early and spent a little time playing xbox and then got ready for the day and settled in to veg.  We watched the original Star Wars Trilogy from beginning to end!  While doing that I finished one baby blanket and actually got through about half of the next! I still have four to finish after the one I am halfway through, but I admit I am a little farther on than I had hoped to be.  I know, sounds boring, but oh it felt good to have not only a day to do nothing but the knowledge that if you wanted to there would be nothing to do anyway!!!

So as I mentioned before we are broke so that makes tomorrow a very special day.  PAYDAY!!!!  Can’t wait for that.  LOL  That makes today a work on the computer and work on the blanket day.  Tomorrow we need to go shopping to restock our dangerously low supplies.  Then Thursday will probably be another movie night.  On Friday I am going out with Emily haven’t seen her in over a week which is unusual.  Then Friday night from 4pm to 9pm Ryan has the first day of his motorcycle class through the base.  He also goes Saturday and Sunday from 12pm to 5pm and then he will be done and fully licensed! 

Oh and for all of you that are so completely enjoying the beautiful weather where you are, please remember that we have already reached 114 this year and are now all locked in for the next six months or so!  Hot hot hot here in the valley of the sun!

So that is pretty much it.  There is really nothing else going on.  We have a busy but fun week ahead of us. 

Song of the day? Love me Tender by Elvis.  Because some days you just need to hear the king crooning!  And today is one of those days.  Sing on Elvis sing on……



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  1. 114? that’s all ya got?? ppshhh. weenies. lol jk, i’d melt into a puddle. mexico all over again for me.
    anywho. i can’t believe u guys watched the whole trilogy ! i’m jealous. i told alyson im making her watch at least one of those. i haven’t seen them in a while. it’ll be more interesting to me now that the 3 episodes are complete.
    anywho, have a fun day!!!! dont get heat stroke. =D

  2. YAY for payday. it hasn’t come fast enough this month.
    yikes… 114…. the highest it has been here is 90 and I felt icky. But I guess you have the heat with no humidity… LUCKY. Although the farthest west I have been is Texas…… and I hated, hated, hated it.

  3. COURTNEY!!!! I have missed you so much!! I am so glad that you had a good time and such!! Thank you for giving me your love! You are so great, always there for me and knowing exactly how I feel! You’re fabulous! So I started my college classes for the summer today! I will write an entry about it tonight when my day is fully over..it was fantastic! Okay..now the good stuff. I am in such a great mood today!! Did you see my bellybutton piercing picture! lol. that sounds kind of funny huh? Its cute!! Okay..Bill..well his name is William Brown and I met him at St. Philips. He is 21, millitary intelligence in the Army (the guy who figures out the best routes for the convoys to take like when the marines were ambushed in Iraq) thats him. an S.I. or something like that. He was born and raised in Cali and grew up on a ranch! How neat is that? His family own a winery too…fun! He is so great though. Even just as my friend right now…I am super nervous about this date with him Friday!! ahhhh..ill send you pictures! LOL…but hun..he is just..like..he talks to me you know? we talked on the phone for 5 hrs!! and when he gets the chance he emails me and he communicates with me and makes me feel like he really is giving an effort and showing me hes interested in me at least..its so refreshing. Well he is visiting family right now and wont get back until Thursday night so we are going out Friday and then I will have to tell you more about it later!!! ahhhh…okay. LOL…there!!!

  4. Yeah for Elvis, this is one of my favorites songs, ever. I’m glad you guys had a good day, we just vegged too, and it felt great. Today it was back to the grindstone. Oh well, such is life. Thanks for the review.Don’t tell the boy, but I think we’re gonna go either next weekend, or the one after that. We’re just waiting for the lines to thin out a bit. Love ya bunches…Me

  5. Vegging out sounds like a perfect day to me!  I hope we retire to AZ someday.  I just love that weather but having a pool would be a must!Have a great day girl!

  6. 114, wow ill stick to the high 70s high 80s here. I cleaned this weekend also! and had a lazy day on Monday. Sunday, I only had one of my kids (my oldest), which I enjoy spending one on one with him, and we watched the memorial parade, and hung out at the camp ground my friends were at.

  7. You needed a lazy day. Aren’t they great? 114–yikes. I’ll stay with the 80s. I just can’t stand the humidity. That’s usually when I turn my air on, when it hits about 85 with humidity.

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