Good morning Xangaland,

Today I have quite a busy day.  Ryan is off so we have a bunch of errands to run.  Then we are off to see Star Wars!  Very excited about that.  Tonight Ryan’s baby sister graduates high school which makes me feel very old.  Ryan’s younger brother is in town too.  So it will be good to see him and spend some time with him.   I will try to update more later.  I have to go Star Wars awaits.  Everyone take care.



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  1. haha, how come ryans post makes today seems relaxing and easy..and then i read your post and it sounds like you two are in a tornado to do things.. =P  enjoy your day!!!!! 

  2. Have fun at Star Wars!! At least you aren’t seeing it at 9 am like me! I didn’t think it was all that great, but you might like it, I know alot of people who did. Have a fun and relaxing day!! -Michelle

  3. I hope you all have a great day. Hey, how much does it suck that the finale of both AI and Lost are on at the same time? Are you taping one? You would think with 2 VCR’s in my home I could manage it, but NOOOO. Let me know, I’ll need to borrow it. Love ya…Me

  4. My hubby and youngest saw Star Wars saturday and said it was really good.Hope you had a good time. I understand the feeling old thing. My cousins “little” boy is getting married in a week and I remember the day he was born. Hard to believe he’s old enough to get married.

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