Look what my mom found for me the other day.  Can you believe this?                  

Life is a Journey not a Destination……  and this woman has just been a bit weary the last few days.  Please pardon my melancholy. 

There was a time when things were so bad for Ryan and I that we were hard pressed to find a bolt of lightning in the storm let alone a silver lining.  Now things are so much better.  There are blue skies for miles with just dots of dark storm clouds here and there and all of them have a lining of pure silver three feet thick…..

And yet some days the dark is all I see.  

Some days it’s hard to remember that those dark spots don’t necessarily mean rain sometimes all they mean is a little shade. 

The dark in life sometimes is just all in the perspective of the person experiencing it.  I woke up today feeling so much brighter and realized all the clouds are still there.  The difference is that I realized that they don’t fill the sky at all and so today things are better. 

So today I make myself a challenge.  I challenge myself to see all the good in life daily.  Regardless of how busy, stressed, or pressed for time I become.  I challenge myself to appreciate the beauty of this life God has provided.  To enjoy the warmth of this hot summer sun and love the shade that those dark little clouds provide.  To realize the wonder of all the little things around me, the song of a bird, a mushroom grown overnight in this arid dessert, the cactus in my yard with dinner plate sized flowers, the smell of Arabian Jasmine on my front porch, the flag waving from the front of my house, and the men it represents, the simple fact that life is all around.  The knowledge that it is a gift.  I challenge myself to live in the knowledge that every little thing that happens along my path has been experienced and survived before, yet every instance is unique. 

I challenge myself to stop and smell the roses.

Would you like to join me? 

Song of the day?  Breath by Michale W. Smith.  Beautiful song, it sings straight to my heart.

this is the air i breathe
this is the air i breathe
your holy presence
living in me
this is my daily bread
this is my daily bread
your very word
spoken to me
and i….i’m desperate for you
and i….i’m lost without you




17 thoughts on “

  1. Courtney, I got home from church today and again Michaels mom left me an offline message only she had my journal entry!! how the heck could she get to my journal? Michael doesnt even know that I have one on here! and she pasted my last entry into the instant message and said that if it didnt stop she would find what she do legally about it since I mentioned names? what the heck? what is wrong with these people? omg. I am so mad!! I have no idea how she got access to this!! I dont know what to do.

  2. “Life is a Journey, Not a Destination”.. I love that.  I actually have that same little plaque (found it at a neat little gift shop the day after Ben & I got married.. we bought that and one that says “Live, Laugh, Love).
    Yes, always take the time to smell the roses :o)
    Take care & enjoy your day!

  3. Courtney, well I responed to her instant message and told her to stay out of my personal things and that I only mentioned her name once and that how they were treating me needed to stop. It was making me feel terrible and that Michael is the one who is wrong here, not me. but apparently the only ONE person who had a link to my journal was his trouble maker friend daniel, who gave the link to Michael and he showed it to his mom I guess. she told me that Mike is just very mixed up about all of how he feels and that our relationship should be kept private between us, not public. here is my email address: daphne_craig@sbcglobal.net. I am just so mad. so from now on, because I have no idea if they are reading or not, I am keeping my posts about him private, but will leave them for you as comments. I am so hurt..and frustrated.

  4. that’s awesome!  that reminds me of what we always say in my family – you feel how you choose. choose to have joy and it looks like that’s what you’ve done =)   hehe and yes, 2 1/2 more months! ahh! haha. alyson and i call it 9 more steves. =P cuz we go to church 9 more times and our pastors name is steve..lol made us crack up lastnight when she mentioned it that way i couldn’t stop laughin..hahah ok, guess u had to be there =)
    and oh yeh, where are u finding your xanga music at??

  5. So 4,5, and 6 are better than 1,2, and 3??  When hubby has watched 4,5, and 6, I’ve glanced at the screen and thought those would be even worse than the first 3 because they are so old..And technology has improved so much..I guess I’ll have to take a look at them again..I’ll let ya know, *wink* hehe..
    By the way, you look absolutely terrific!! 
    *hugs* kritti

  6. You both look so cute!  What a great positive post!  I hope you are having a great day and that it cools down for you all soon!

  7. I’m joining you!  I know that we all will have our bad days, but just seeing how far you’ve come along…you are just so inspiring!  I hope that you see even the smidgen of inspiration when you look in the mirror!  You’re look so wonderful, and your journey as I have read thus far in the last few months has been incredible!

  8. You know that is one of my favorite songs to sing. Such complete submission required to make that song work. I feel it’s very liberating to know that is what it requires and to be able to do it. I hope Sunday went well, I’ll go visit the Ryan and inquire there. Much love from this Auntie…Me

  9. Don’t worry hun. I am trying to be strong. and having you there by my side, along with your husband and others here..especially you makes me that much stronger. And to be honest, even if it did end up that Michael comes around and realizes what he is doing and decides to be with me (which I doubt he will) I will still go to Schreiner. It is only about 2 hrs away from where we live and he does change his mind..and love me, then he will stick with me through my decision because with or without him, this is the choice I am making and I am sticking through with it no matter what. By the way, I keep forgetting to tell you that I love the song on here! I have seen it sang live in Atlanta when I was a junior in high school at the youth gathering I attended. I love it!! Thank you for being here for me and dont worry, i wont stop updating even after I go to the university. I will write as often as I can and email you about the posts about Michael as often as I write about him. Talk to you soon hun.

  10. First let me say you look great. Good job. Second yes I’ll join you. We sometimes forget to appreciate all we have. I really like that plaque.

  11. Life is a journey not a destination…. so true. šŸ™‚  Thanks for reminding us all. šŸ™‚

  12. I haven’t been myself that last few days either…so don’t feel bad. We’ve been trying to have a baby…and it is heartbreaking as each month passes by. Truthfully…we’ve only seriously tried for one month…so I shouldn’t be so heartbroken, yet it is hard not to be weary with stress and fear. I know that God will take care of us and provide our every need in His time. I need to learn to open my arms and let him take away my burdens. They are His after all…and never meant for me to carry alone.

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