This was written by a girl who lived in a beautiful glass ball.  She could look out at the world but only through this glass.  The world outside could not touch her, she was safe.  The life she lived was contained in this ball.  One day her world was shattered by a pain she couldn’t have known existed.  There was no more barrier no protection and the real world crashed in.  She found in that moment of desperate pain and anguish that sometimes your walls have to shatter for the truth to lift you up.  In the midst of her shattered world she found that God held her close and loved her even without her pretty glass ball.


The Truth

Falling, spinning, lost, no where to turn.
Cold hands grasped my body as I feel.
Dragging me sideways, up, down, but never stopping me.
Cruel words erupted.  No love, no warmth.
Where was I? Why was I here?

I closed my eyes and remembered my life before this place.
All that I had lost, what had I done?
Who would come for me, my bridges were burned?
How would I survive?
No one here even knew my name.

I grew accustom to the darkness.
Numb to the cold.
Indifferent to their indifference.
Content to know this would forever be my home.

Suddenly, my whole world lurched.
I began to fly heavenward.
In a gentle hand I was carried.
I grew warm and comfortable.
What had happened?

I was reluctant to the change.
But the warmth felt good on my body.
For the first time in so long,
My memories mirrored my life.
Who had done this?
Who had changed my world, my life?

I opened my eyes.
You are there.


4 thoughts on “

  1. Beautiful! Nothing else comes close to describing the depth and elegance of your poems. I’m blown away by the raw emotion and power of the words on the page. I’m biased, but they really are great. I love you very much. LoveRyan

  2. Beautiful! More, we want more…I love this side of you. Like I said yesterday, it must be in the water. Love you and I hope your feeling better today…?

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