Hello Xangaland,

Sorry that it has been so long since I updated.  I had no intention of leaving that post up for so long.  As per usual life got in the way.  Things have been extremely busy around here the last couple of days and there is no way of knowing if it is going to slow down anytime soon.  Today Ryan and I are trying to get the house clean and the yards clean just to maintain them so that if we should have something come up we don’t have to scramble.  We have just been too busy lately to take chances.  We are also washing the van and getting it ready to sell.  We would like to get it into the paper by tomorrow so we are working on that. 

Ryan goes back to work tomorrow, so life might, just might stop being quite as busy and go back to something a bit more normal.  We shall see……

So you want to see some pictures?

I have told you guys before that I crochet.  Well I am the only one in my family in the age group I’m in that has a craft like this.  So I started getting a few requests here and there.  So now I always make baby blankets instead of buying gifts for baby showers.  I love doing it and it is neat for my blankets to be a gift for everyone in this next generation. 

Weird to think that one of these days some little girl is going to ask her mom where she got that ugly blanket and she’s going to reply, ‘Well you know old Mrs. Laube at the church?  She made that for me when I was a baby.”  Weird huh?  Anyway.  These aren”t the greatest pictures but I thought I would share with you guys what it is I do.

This first blanket is for my cousin Zachary who was born about six weeks ago.  I just haven’t seen his mom yet.  So Cindy if your reading, this this one is yours.  Sorry it’s folded down it was too big to spread all out.  Just so the rest of you know the room is decorated in little red airplanes.  Too cute.


This one is the winter blanket for my cousin Kallie’s new little girl who is due in July.


This one is the summer blanket for the same little girl.  I am currently working on it and just so you know the picture makes it look funny but it is a pale baby pink and snow white.


This is my drawer of yarn for the next two.  The puffy stuff is for the winter blanket and the thin for the summer blanket.  These blankets will go to my best friend Emily’s little sister Mary and her baby boy who is due in late September.

After I’m done with those there will be another set for Emily’s older sister Sarah and her baby boy due October 3rd and then two more for Remy’s little boy due October 8th.  So you can see what I’ve been doing lately.  If I’m not around much I’m probably working on these.  The scary part is pretty much all of them have to be done by September 1st since baby showers are a month ahead of the due date.  I’m going to be super busy.  LOL

Well I’m off to help Ryan finish up and start working on this stuff.  Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend.  I will try to come back soon. 



11 thoughts on “

  1. Wow, you sure are multi-talented!!  Very nice crochet!  I am sure the parents will love those pretty blankets!
    All your hard work, sweat and dedication paid off.. Congrats on your weight loss.. you’ve got to be so proud of yourself :o)
    Hope all is going well for you.. I am happy that Ryan is back home to you :o)

  2. I LOVE those blankies!!! I have been thinking that I need to make my baby girl a blankie. I’ll have some time after I get out of summer school and I’ll probably do it then. I want to make her a yellow one because the theme of the room is duckies. I think duckies are to cute!! -Michelle

  3. They are beautiful!  I crocheted for awhile..I forget how, but would love to get back into it..I’ll probably just stick to scrapbooking hehe..
    Thank you for your sweet comment..I am blessed to have you as a friend..
    I hope soon you will be making one of those blankies for your own little one…
    Much Love, and hugs, kritti

  4. I love crocheting but I am nowhere near as good as you. Those are beutiful blankets. Hopefully I will beable to make blankets like that someday.

  5. wow those look awesome!!!
    thanks for your comment! my parents when we were building the house we live in right now, we wrote scriptures everyone on the wood. we definatly plan on praying over it while we move in.

  6. Gee Whiz!  I thought you had fallen off the face of the earth!  Glad to hear your getting things done and keeping busy!  Those blankets are just lovely!  what a great memory of someone. . . now, if I could just keep up on my quilting!  LOL.  Have a wonderful week C!~K.K.

  7. You are so talented.  I cant even sew a small hole in my sock correctly.  I doubt I will ever have the courage to give crocheting a try.  LOL!Have a great day!

  8. Courtney, why did it take so long for this pdts to kick into his system? I know he lost some very close friends in the war and I know that he was changed by the things he saw and what he went through..but I sat here and I read all of our old conversations from right when he got back from iraq and was in washington..and then when he was home..we were fine. we were so in love and so happy. everything was fine until all of a sudden he just..snapped. like he couldnt say i love you and its just..like hes sick of me. the way he looked at me when i saw him and we were talking..the way he spoke to me. it was cold. how do you forgive someone for saying the things that he did? he broke my heart..really hurt me really bad and yet hes still leaving me here wondering. “right now”..what does that mean? i just dont know what i did so terrible that hes so disqusted with me? or how he can say that he hates me because of the war when just a few days ago everything was fine. none of this makes sense. and the more he lies to me, the more it hurts me and the longer im waiting and hes leaving me here thinking..the more i resent what he has done. i am so frustrated and drained emotionally that if he did change his mind..i dont even know if i could make a facial expression or react to it. thats how upset i am right now. i just dont understand any of this.

  9. I used to crochet, started in fifth grade. I tried a few years ago and I always got mad at myself because the edges looked not so straight and gave up. My mom made my babies blankets also, and i have them saved for my grandbabies.

  10. Yeah, I suppose everything is going to be ok. Im still really busy but what else is new, haha. You look amazing in your photos.

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