So did I say that the potluck was a success?  Well I guess you could say that!  At the end of it all my house was packed, and I mean packed.  I counted and there were 43 people in my house, it was extremely crowded but still easy to walk around and visit but it got loud.  There was so much food and twice that in desserts.  Everyone was here from 2 until about 6 then they started to filter out until the last person left at about 10pm.  So 43 people, 8 hours, my feet hurt so bad I could cry, more food than you could imagine, and everyone had a wonderful time. 

Unfortunately I forgot about the camera.  I had my younger sister take some pictures early on in the evening and then forgot to go back and take more myself so there are only a few that really come out.  I don’t have any of Ryan at all.  Oh well. 

This is me on my swing with my two moms. 

This is just a full length picture of the patio so you can see how many people were here.  This is only a little less than half of them actually.  Since even un pictured there were only 14 people on the patio for this shot!

Of course me standing with my grandpa!  This is captain_jdfah who is about to leave on a mission trip to New Mexico.  Him and my grandma will be traveling all summer working on small churches and will be updating on their site. 

So all in all we had an absolutely wonderful time.  I am even honored to have received a request to do this every three months or so so that the family is guaranteed to see each other about four times a year and visit.  I would love to since this group leaves my house spotless.  All I had to do was straighten a few pillows, vacuum, and run a load of dishes and laundry.  And they bring all their own food and take away all their own dishes.  Who could ask for a better crowd? 

Song of the day? Fun, fun, fun by the Beach Boys.  Why?  Cause the party was fun, fun, fun! LOL

I am going to try to come around and visit you all I know it has been a few days. Talk to you all soon.


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  1. Hum, let me see…about how much longer I had to wait, about how bad watching others around me doing it made me feel, about how much more difficult it was for me to get that way, about how difficult it was for me to BE that way,about how many times I was in the hospital, about how long and difficult the actual act was, and about how we both died!!!!!But I was NICE!!!!You can ask her. I was nice, I promise!!!!So, August. I think August would be a good time for the next one. Love ya…Me

  2. Hey lady! Thank you so much for your comments! You are always so very encouraging. I’m so glad to hear you guys had such an awesome time. Looks like it was exactly that from the pictures. Hope everything is going well with you and I look forward to hearing from you soon! Take care…
    In Him,JoAnna

  3. Wow!  48 people!  I dont think I know 48 people!  LOL!  It looks like so much fun!  In three months when you do it again wont it be nice and toasty out?  I love it when its like that!  The pics are great.  Thanks for sharing!Kelly

  4. Hey girl….. glad you had fun and the pics look great. You are looking great too….
    Well now that Adam was switched to a different team he won’t be leaving until September. That really is a good thing. But there are a few ups and downs about the situation…. but I am sure the whole NO IRAQ factor weighs them out.

  5. Wow!  Looks like fun was had by all!  That is great!  I miss big gatherings like that.
    Have a great day!

  6. Looks like you had a real good time! You look so good… much weight have you lost so far? (I am so jealous! LOL)  Yes, I miss talking to you too. I have not been on messenger much lately. Maybe I will catch you on there SOMETIME. lol Love ya!

  7. I looked at the pics earlier (while i was supposed to be working), but just a hurried glance. You look so good and i loved that outfit you had on, it looked so summer like (me sitting here in my pajamas).

  8. hun! your house looks beautiful and the party looked like so much fun! i wish i was there! lol. you looked so terrific too!!!! im glad everything is going good. i updated, so you know..blah!! talk to you soon!!

  9. wow you look great in those pics! have you met your goal yet??
    i’m getting very excited about the house now. especially cuz it has really started and it’s something i can go check out ..ya know, instead of the same ole same ole stuff.

  10. Hey babe. I must say that you are correct in saying that the potluck was a success. It was fun and I finally got to see people that I haven’t seen in ages. I love you and I’ll talk to you later.Ryan

  11. Thank you for the sweet comment you left JL. It means soo much to me that you would say nice things to her…..not that I expected anything but that from you, cause you are just sweet like that…lol!!!
    and Im glad the party thingy was a smash!!!  Talk to you later!!!!

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