Well I have just heard from Ryan and it looks like they will be home at the earliest on Wednesday.  At the latest Friday.  All you military wives know what that means.  Not till next year…. lol  They have flown out a crew to look at the plane the guys are on and there will be some kind of decision by tomorrow morning.  Whether they can fix it or they have to send in another plane to get them all home.  However depending on what the decision is it could be as late as Friday.

I have to tell you I am feeling a bit sorry for myself.  I am throwing a welcome home, happy birthday potluck for him on Sunday.  (Of course we will also be celebrating Mother’s Day.)  I have to admit that I was kind of counting on him helping a little when he came home to get everything ready for it, as I have not been here for the whole month and the yards need a little work.  No big deal I can do it I just have not prepared myself to do it all by myself.  We usually work as a team and now I have to do it alone.

I feel worse for him though.  You see Wednesday is his birthday and it looks like he won’t be here for it.  What a horrible way to spend your birthday!  Not to mention I got him an awesome birthday gift.  I have for the last month been buying the parts that are required to build a new desktop computer.  I am going to give him half the desk since it is a U desk and we can work at the same time instead of me monopolizing all of the PC time.   There are also several games that we play that will be so much more fun when we are on two separate PC’s.  All that to say this really stinks because now he won’t have time to play around with it until next week.  So that is a bit of a bust.  Oh well…..

Anyway.  Could you all just keep this situation in your prayers?  I just want him home safe as soon as can be managed.  Thank you everyone.

Song for this day?  Some Beach by Blake Shelton  For a day of frustration need I say more?

Good morning Xangaland,

I have tried to get around and comment to everybody.  I have missed you all so much and I’m so glad to be home.  I am still waiting for word from Ryan on weather or not he will be home today or if there will be a further delay.  I hope all of you are doing very well.   I will talk to you all soon.



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  1. Omg!  He’s still not home!!!!!!???????  Thats CRAP!!  It was wonderful to hear from you, I’m so glad your back!!  Did you have fun camping??!!  I’d like to go camping…But only for a day or 2 lol..I’ve turned into a city girl *embarrassed*..We went while we were in NV..It was fun, but I was definitely glad to be home the next day lol..We went up in the mountains..There was no camper, no bathroom or shower facilities..Just us, and mother nature..*grin*  Saw some really cool stuff though..
    Anyway, can’t wait to talk to you more..I’m still dealing with this shitty computer…*sigh*  Hope to have the new one next week..
    Take Care..I will be praying for Ryans safe return to you!!
    *hugs* kritti

  2. thanks for your comment, that means alot to me.   i pray ryan gets to come home to u sooooooon!~

  3. courtney YOUR HOME!!! YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! Im soo happy your back! Did you have fun?? Im sorry Ryan isnt home yet, I will keep praying that he comes home today!! I hope you hear something soon. Waiting is the hardest…..(((HUGS)))

  4. Oh hon…I can’t believe he’s not home yet! I know you’re just itching to see him…surely it won’t be too much longer! I’ll be thinking of you guys until he gets back safely!
    I hope you had a nice trip! You’re such a little busy bee, lol! When are you going to come and help me finish my remodeling, lol! (((Hugs))) Courtney! Have a good day and keep us updated! :O)

  5. Oh, by the way, today I posted the prologue to the novel that includes Peter and Pearl’s story. The prologue is their’s…as they will be the charachters that most reach into the reader’s soul.

  6. you both are continuing to be in my prayers! especially for a safe trip home for him..don’t stress out tho! i know it can’t be easy..have a great day!

  7. still gonna be in my prayers. Im sorry courtney, but all I can say is better safe than sorry! (((HUGS))) AND happy early birthday RYAN!!!!

  8. Hey Hun, its daphne. I got frustrated and shut my site down. subscribe to my new one. lol. sorry..its beena  very rough week and im sure yours is even more interesting then mine is. when i have more time i will say more, but theres the new and last site. i promise. lol. talk to you soon hun!

  9. Thats too cute. I felt like a geek giving her a mini-halfabirthday party…but Im a geek like that! D and I still celebrate our dating anniversary. LOL! We are dorks!!!! But its ok?? Still praying for your hubbys safe and QUICK return home!!!!! But I do have to say IM SUPER happy your home!!!!!! I have missed you!!!

  10. Okay someone please explain to me why they can’t just get another plane, this is the Air Force, its not like they have a shortage of planes. Oh I sooo hope they get home before his birthday, how upsetting to know he’s so close to home, yet so far away. I’m feeling your frustrations, lol. Hurry the heck up and get that darn plane fixed, Ryan has a wife waiting for him, and a birthday to celebrate. You’re in my thoughts, hang in there, and I’ll be saying a prayer that they get home safe and sound as soon as possible. -Keri

  11. Hopefully he will be home on wed. I’m sorry for both of you that it’s taking so long. Big hugs.

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