So what’s the secret I’ve been keeping?  You guessed it, Ryan and I bought a new car!  We bought it to replace my mini van so that when we have kids we have a much more dependable vehicle.  We bought the new 2005 Scion Xb.  I know ugly but kinda cute right?  

Seems kind of crazy but this thing comes fully loaded, has as much internal room as my van and gets 36 miles to the gallon IN TOWN!  Not to mention it is cheap.  After tax, title, and licence, everything it cost $16,943.00 which is almost impossible to get for a new car let alone a van.

I absolutely love it and I can’t wait for Ryan to come home so he can be excited with me!

And on another note here is the gate that we had installed.  It used to be just a solid wall of brick. 

Not much else going on around here.  I hope all of you are having a good weekend so far.  I will try to update again later.

Song of the day? The Greatest by Kenny Rodgers.  Why?  Just because I love this song and it makes me happy.  Not to mention it’s baseball season again!  It’s such a great song about life.  It is all in the perspective.  It is what you choose to make of it.  Have a great night everyone!



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  1. eeeeehhhhhh! lol. your car is so cute!! I like it. It stil looks kind of like, from the side that its a van inside but like a jeep kind of on the outside. its cute! glad you did something to get your spirits up! I really wanted to ask you something soon though and I know its going to sound kind of like..what? why? but its important to me and I hope you would be excited about it too!! but it can wait until later. pleanty of time. just keep busy and updating for me and ill talk to you as soon as I get another chance!!

  2. i still cant decide if i like those cars or not. i think im leaning more on the liking it side. haha but that was is way cool! yay

  3. haha.. an “ugly-cute” car :o)  I have never seen that particular kind before.. sounds like the gas milegae is awesome and that you gotta love!!! :o)  Good for you on your new vehicle!
    I hope all is going well for you.. keep on keeping busy and that time will keep flying :o)  Hope you are having the chance to talk to Ryan too!  Take care!!

  4. Well…it is kinda cute. But it sounds like a good purchase for your money’s worth. I would rather do that then spend tons of money that is impractical to drive all over kingdom come. Glad to see that you are doing well…and the gate looks awesome. They painted my house the other day and it looks so cute now. We’re planting flowers after church. I am excited…though I am going to drive my mom nuts because I know nothing about planting flowers!!

  5. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t see the first three pics, just a box with an X in the corner. Hum, nope, just a box. But the fence is reallllllly cute. Ugly, but in a cute way! Yeah, I tried. Hope your having a great day, I’m assuming your still with mom? Love ya, Me

  6. awhh Im also not for sure if I like them or not…starting to like them the more and more I see them. Glad that you got it..I want a new car..we need a bigger car! Im soo happy you got something that will make you a little more happier while hes away…oh and on your comment to me you said “yard inspections”…whats that? lots of *hugs*

  7. THEY MEASURE YOUR GRASS? like with a measuring stick? you’ve got to be kidding me….OH LORD..! I can see this is going to be….um interesting…haha the absolute NO life some people have that they go around and MEASURE peoples grass!! haha! made me laugh! Thanks for the wonderful much needed LAUGH!

  8. okay okay. dont freak out on me. now I know that Mikey and I have our wedding date set for April 14, 2007. I know thats a long ways off..but if God priovides, I want you to be there!! I have been thinking about it a lot and you are the only person who has supported me and listened to me and been there in so many ways for me through all of this with him..and I want you at my wedding. So I just thought I would throw the idea out your way and see what you thought. I hope you had a great day!

  9. haha the yard nazi…sounds interesting…I guess we will see how that goes…but Ive heard its a long waiting list in most places to get base housing…so I dunno…Im off to sleep its really late…just thought that measuring the grass thing was a hoot…I needed a laugh at that time! Thanks for the smile and everything to have helped me make it thru…..hope to talk to ya soon!

  10. Wow, i don’t recall seeing one of those before.  Most not be big in these parts. You by the way look great in that first pic.  K, im off to bed, gotta get up in six hours.

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