Good morning everyone… I don’t have any time but I wanted to say hello and thank you for all of your comments… I tried to get around to everyone this morning but I’m leaving now to go back to my mom’s.  Hope all of you have a wonderful day.  Talk to you all soon.  I will try to get some time to write as there are things going on in life.  Take care all.

Song of the day?  Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys.  I love this song and I love the Beach Boys and here is sunny AZ it’s starting to feel like summer with the temperature topping 95 today.  So summer music it is.



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  1. I’m in a Beach Boys mood today too. Maybe I’ll put that on while I clean. Hope all is well….sorry I haven’t been by…this spring cleaning bit is wearing me out! I’ll have a clean house but no friends, lol! Enjoy your day! It’s going to be a warm and beautiful day here, too! :O)

  2. Hello there little darlin!! Hope all is going well with you. Seems like I haven’t gotten to talk to you much lately. Have you heard from Ryan much? You almost have a week down now!! Love ya!

  3. Hey! I hope that you have a wonderful day today! Enjoy the warm weather. It is chilly and rainy here…spring in the midwest!
    I am trying Christian publishers…but they don’t like the story. Hard to explain, I guess…but I suppose one day it will all happen.

  4. oh God hun, you have no idea how much you help me through the days when I just feel like giving up. and yesterday was one of those having you to talk to and listen to me and hear what im saying and leave me comments helps so much. you can always find me! thank you for saying you like the new site, me too! i was happy i found the background..i wish i was at the beach all the time! it makes me thats why i keep it up there..things are about to get busy again for sure. and 5 more years is nothing right! HOOOAAHHH!! the millitary is a great thing and good for him. I will let you for now. the weather here is great too. its nice and hot, but breezy too. take it easy and enjoy the day. stay busy, busy,busy!

  5. hey…just wanted to check up and see how you have been doing the last couple of days? Hope things are semi-ok…keeping busy?

  6. 95!  I lvoe that weather!  MY fav is when its hot like an oven there.  I just sit my white booty outside and sizzle!  Have a good time with your parents.Kelly

  7. hey i hope you are hanging in there.  i was talking about my hubby being gone for 2 months from me(before the move to florida)  i hope time flys by and you get alot done in the mean time.

  8. Hey Courtney,
    You should be asleep! its late!! I cant sleep..worth anything. in the morning we’re taking him to get his physical for the guard. you know..i dont know if you read the comments that my “friends” left me on the other journal from monique and toni..but thats why i changed it again..its been so hard dealing with him being gone and being in alpine and not able to see him when he got back and now he resigned..i wish you could have read the things they bad to hear them tell me that i dont know him and that my life is pathetic and so many other things..these are the same ones that pretty much were mad he was finished before and made this whole millitary thing a its been bothering me and they were very hateful in their comments and i really feel like a terrible person..and trying to deal with mike too im just feeling like giving up right very frustrated in every way and not sure what to do. how are you doing with ryan gone hunny? are you okay? keep your head up..and stay busy. same old everything i say..heh. im here for you! dont worry because everything is going to be fine right! ill talk to you soon. thanks hun!

  9. 95, I like warm weather but I’m not ready for that yet. I don’t have the air conditioner in yet. I like it when it’s in the low 80s. Have a great day.

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