My husband has a special dance that he made up just for me.  He pulls it out of storage when I’m sad or feeling blue.  We call it the ‘Happy Troll Dance.”  Sad huh?  He sticks his arms out to the side in a bit of an arch and starts jumping around one foot at a time bringing his knees almost to his chest in a circle…. He hops and bends so that it looks like one continuous motion.  And he makes the goofiest face. 

If the ‘Happy Troll Dance’ doesn’t work he walks up to me and says ‘Courtney, I love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much!’ all the while stretching his arms wide open all the way behind him so they almost touch then he pulls his hand out puts up him thumb and forefinger and says ‘and a little bit more!’  He told me that the first time he did it he was trying to touch his hands behind him to make it a perfect circle and he couldn’t quite reach….  A small simple thing but can you imagine how wonderful that is going to be as a family tradition with our kids?  

There is one thing about my husband that I cherish.  No child we ever bring into this world will ever doubt that he loves them…. I am truly blessed to have this wonderful man in my life. 

Today is more of the same, wait for the workmen then go to my mom’s to work on her house…  I will try to be back later..  Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Song of the day?  Wouldn’t It Be Nice by the Beach Boys.  Why?  Cause this is how I am feeling about Ryan being gone.  It says what I feel like saying but it says it in a bit of a happy sunny wistful way, not so much in the blue depressing sort of way that other songs have.  So there you have it I miss my husband and I’m upbeat about it.  I think I may just be a little nuts!  lol



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  1. Your hubby sounds like a keeper to me. And it really makes me happy to see other married couples other than me & my hub being in so much love.  Couples like you and your hubby we need more off in this world.

  2. I love it when I see other happy married couples. Makes me that much more grateful for my happy marriage. I know what you mean about having a child who will never question his/her father’s love and devotion to them. My husband bought a little Jayhawk onesie for our little girl the other day and told me that he bought it so that he and his baby girl could watch basketball together. Stay strong!! -Michelle

  3. awhh thats soo cute…Im glad that you have that in your life to make everything a little bit easier for you while hes away…even seperation is never an easy thing…thank you so much for the kind words you left me…it makes me feel a little less of a horrible monster! I love you and thank you again!

  4. even tho i dont know ryan, but from what i do know it does sound like he would be the one to make a dance called “the happy troll dance” lol..that’s great.  hope you have a great day. thanks for the advice u left me =)

  5. Sounds like he needs to teach my hubby that dance for when I am in a grumpy mood!  LOL!  Too funny.Men!  Ya just have to love em!

  6. Hey girl! If you get lonely and bored, I posted some of my story that I am currently trying to publish. I need an editor…so keep that in mind. I wanted to post more of Pearl’s story for you, but I am working on that novel and haven’t had time to write more of her story. Pray that God gives me time…and the rest of her story! lol
    I hope you enjoy. The post is protected so only you can view it. If you haven’t the time…don’t worry about it. But just in case you needed something…there you have it. If you want more…just ask. I really hope you are doing well. I just know Jesus has something special in mind for you while Ryan is gone.

  7. well hunny? here i am again with a new im just getting a bit frustrated, but this one is for good. so leave me something..anything. i really hope you are doing okay. stay strong and keep your head up okay? im going to need you as much as youre needing me right now. so keep in touch and we will talk soon!

  8. There are some good men out there to be found.  I love the dance though, that sounds so cute.  He sounds like he has a sense of humor too?  I love it when husbands have a sense of humor.  It is good to laugh and that he can make you laugh and knows when your in a bad mood that you need one.  Beach Boys.  Wow!!  Love that too.  Take care

  9. Now, does your dh know that you are revealing his Happy Troll Dance rountine?  😉 There so much to be said for a man that makes sure he can make his wife smile and feel better…


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