Good Morning Xangaland,

Thank you so much for you encouragement yesterday.  I know I have said it before but you are one of the best things that has ever happened to me.  I hope that I have been or have a chance to be as much to you.  I may not be on a lot in the next few days…  My mom is going to keep me occupied and to be honest I don’t feel very up to it.  This Goodbye for me was unlike any other.  Instead of crying and being emotional I have just gone all quiet and still inside.  I can’t seem to work up any kind of emotion but sad. 

I’m going to leave the song of the day up because it still feels appropriate especially now. 

Before I go I wanted to share the pictures of the finished product with you.  It turned out so beautifully, I am really satisfied.  I will start with some before shots so you can see how the room used to be set up and what the door used to be like…..


This is an old picture of the door that I found….

This is the new and improved setup…


Here is the finished new door and window….

This of course is my favorite feature.  Notice how the walkway is no longer blocked by the couch?  And when I finally do have kids I can use my bar for them to eat at since I don’t have an eat in kitchen.

Once again thank you for all of your support.  I will be back soon. 



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  1. Wow the pictures are absolutely amazing! I love it….I can’t wait to have mine all finished and pretty. You’re very talented, that’s for sure!
    I feel bad for not stopping in and giving you some encouragement since Ryan left. I’ve been so sick and blah…but, I *have* been thinking of you. You’ve been hit with some hard stuff lately, and girl I just admire you for the way you keep on truckin’! And, I think Ryan loves and appreciates your will to move forward despite those setbacks more than you know. This month is going to just fly by! You’ll see. And, you know you have friends here…and there’s always something fun to read, lol! (((Hugs))) You’re going to make it through this too. :O)

  2. What a lovely house.  I hope that’s maybe one sparkle of happy that it’s finished in a time of sadness.  It really does look wonderful.  It makes me look forward to eventually being able to get a house and forcing Jason to let me decorate it.  Hehe.

  3. It looks great hun, I can’t wait to see it in person. Hope your having a better day today, at least I know you won’t be alone. Love you…Me

  4. when I get stationed will you come and decorate my house? LOL…Im soo decorately challenged….Im sorry you are soo down…LIKE I HAVE SAID A MILLION TIMES…but here goes a million and one…Im here if you need to talk!
    love you!

  5. Looks great!  Love the new door and window!  Aren’t they nice?  Love your big screen, can’t let hubby see it though. . . he might rush out and buy one!  LOL.  You take care honey.  Go easy on yourself. . . until we meet again~K.K.

  6. Well, you have a lovely house to keep you comfortable while you wait for Ryan. And as I said, just turn on some beautiful music and wait in God’s presence. He is waiting…and will scoop you up in His arms…and shed two tears for every one that you shed. And…you have me. I’ll post something fun for you. Promise!! Probably protected just for you so you feel EXTRA special!!

  7. lol i’ll take the song off sometime soon =P
    question for ya – what color is that on your walls? it looks yellow but it looks gold and i think that’s what alyson wants to paint our bedroom in when that time comes

  8. After reading over your last post, it took me all back to the day I had to say good-bye.. took me back a couple monthes from when I felt that initial empty feeling.. it’s tough, no doubt about that.. always remember that your xanga buddies will be here to help be strong when you are not feeling strong.. to help you smile when it feels easier to frown.. to help you keep the proud feeling of how special you are to be a military wife.
    All your hard work has really paid off.. your house looks so beautiful :o)
    Take care and have a good day :o)

  9. Looks great.
    We didn’t go to the beach yesterday… we thought about it. But instead we went to get groceries. As much as I feel differently… food takes priority… ahhaha. So did he go to the beach on base yesterday? I hope not… because I think you remember my story about the walk out their through the marshy waters…. Stupid hurricanes. Tell him the best beach to go to is Mexico beach….. it is right down the road from tyndall and it is nice and quiet. Or there is Panama City Beach but all the spring breakers go there and there is craziness happening there…. and it takes forever to get there throught the traffic.
    Well hope you are feeling better.

  10. thanks! lol and no i didn’t make u come back to listen to it. u did it by your own free will..hahahah. u can hit stop when my site loads up and the song won’t play. mwahah  *lonely, mr. lonely…*

  11. hehe.  u know i dont know if they started the house yet. i’m gonna drive by today on my lunch break. it’s been so nasty and rainy lately i dont think they have done anything yet. but it was nice all weekend

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