Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that we are busy getting Ryan ready to go.  I may have some time to come back later buy right now we have a ton of errands to run to get him ready.   The guys finished the door and did the texture but it doesn’t really look different than the last pic I put up.  However tomorrow mom and dad are coming over to paint, trim, hang window treatments, move the couch, and TV and then there will be pictures!  Hope all of you are having a quick and painless Friday.  If I don’t see you or you don’t see me have a wonderful weekend.

Song of the Day?  It’s going to stay Build Me Up Buttercup cause Ryan has continued to dance naked *EDIT* (I meant dance in his underware can we say freudian slip? Sorry Shane) and I like making Tammy blush.  Plus it’s such a happy upbeat song even if it’s not really once you listen to it….. hummmmm oh well…



6 thoughts on “

  1. dance naked? woah. 
    gahh. i gotta get that image out of my head…ahhh..i dont wanna hear this song now with that in my head..oh no..im leaving ur site..ahh….

  2. It worked!!!Good job!! Just kidding Shane…I guess I’m gonna need to come over now and see the finished product? Yeah, I can do that.. Love you, see you soon..Me

  3. Hey sweetie! its just me. okay..look, im just really upset right now..about a lot of things and im going to change my site..so you will get a comment from me soon from my new site. and ill explain everything in my first entry. did ryan leave today? hunny..im so sorry..im here for you. just talk..ill listen. be back soon. im trying to clear my head before i write things i shouldnt. love,

  4. It is NOT an upbeat song!!! It is actually on my Sweatin to the Oldies tape and it makes me depressed because I should be SWEATIN instead of sitting here eating Werthers soft chewey caramels!! lol  Please give Ryan a hug and tell him to have a safe trip and to get back as quick as possible!!! Love you kiddo!

  5. alright hunny, here is the new site. subscribe to this one and forget the old one. i shut it down. talk to you soon

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