Good morning Xangaland,

I am sitting here waiting for the crew to show up to finish off my door today.  Well mostly finish it off anyway.  They got the framing up yesterday and the block.  Today they are going to finish installing the door and window and put of the drywall and mud.  Then this evening they will come back to finish floating the drywall and then Friday morning to blow the texture….. so far so good. 

This is a picture of before they started adding anything.  I though I had pictures of the sliding glass door from before but it turns out if I did they got erased so this will have to do…..  Sorry that it is so dark but it is after all just a gaping hole in my house!

This is a picture this morning.  This is basically how it will look except of course for the fact that there will be dry wall and paint!

It already makes the room look so much bigger than it did before.  We are going to move the whole room around after this is done and it is going to open up everything so much.  I can’t wait for this to be done.  We have been planning for this for over a year now! 

I only have two more days with Ryan….  I am going to miss him so much!  If you still haven’t read why he is leaving there is an explanation post below this one.  Hope all of you have a good day.

Song of the day? Build Me Up Buttercup by the Foundations.  Why?  This one is a little random.  Ryan just started belting this song out last night while dancing around the room in his underwear so needless to say it is stuck in my head.  Not to mention I really like this song and it mentions building so there you go….. lol


They are here and working.  Cross your fingers…. hopefully everything goes as planned and their part will be done tomorrow so I can paint and move the room around.  If it is all done my mom and dad have offered to come over on Saturday after I drop Ryan off at the base at 6AM and help me get it all done.  I hope this gets done so we can do it.  That would defiantly keep me occupied the day he leaves! 

*2nd EDIT*

They just left.  They are almost completely finished!  All that is left is to come sand and texture tomorrow and then my mom dad and I will paint and trim on Saturday!  Then they will be installing my gate on Monday.  Whooo!  Here is a pic for you…..



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  1. wow that looks good..well as good as it can during construction! lol, i hope they show up today like they say they would!

  2. woohooo! its looking good. i like the door, but are you guys having the dry wall over the bricks? lol. it looks really neat and i think itll turn out fantastic. you have to post pictures of the room when you rearrange it. i cant wait for michael and i to get our own place! how fun!! only 2 more days? sgh..what have you guys been doing together? spending a lot of quality time with and without the house i hope? geesh..ill probably update after i see michael today so look out for it. we are taking some good ol’ black and white pictures today. so ill post those soon. talk to you later! keep your head up!

  3. Wow! I can’t believe how much they got done! It looks great! Mind sending them my way so they can finish MY kitchen for me? LOL! I think the anticipation of it all makes you appreciate it more…but I know you’re glad they’ve finally gotten down to it.

  4. Your room will be lovely. I am already begining to dread home improvements…as I have LOTS of them to do. Roger and I made a list to get us throught he mext month. We shall be VERY busy!
    Your husband reminds me of my own…goofing off and dancing in his underwear. Roger is a lot of fun like that and making me laugh. They are great to have on those gloomy days! Enjoy your time with him. He will be gone and back before you can blink. You’ll be okay. I know it.

  5. I am so glad they are finally getting on that. I know you have been waiting for so long for them to get started.  Please tell Ryan that he has my thoughts and prayers while he is gone and that he will have a safe trip home. I am thinking about you too….I know this is tough for you. Maybe you can just do all kinds of surprises in the house for when he comes home!! Love you kiddo!

  6. sorry….I forgot to mention that this song is on my Sweatin to the Oldies tape!! NOW I can’t get the visual of Ryan dancing around in his skivvies to this song….*shakes head really hard to erase that picture* YIKES!!! lol Take care!

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