Okay so I didn’t get back yesterday….. life in all it’s grandeur has a way of getting in the way…. 

Most of you know we are having construction done on our house.   Well it has just kept getting put off over and over again.  Every day there is a new excuse….  So today is the absolutely we are coming you are confirmed for between 8 and 10 am today, we’ll be there.  Yeah when I see it.  You know?  I have to say I really hope they start today.  I can’t wait for my house to be put back together. 

My life has been so topsy turvy lately, but that’s a good thing.  Because like I always say ‘Life is in the journey not the destination.’  And like my husband has been saying the last few days.  ‘Sometimes our life resembles less of a freeway and more of a two lane country road during construction.’ 

So song of the day?  Dream on by Aerosmith…. I’m sure you can guess why….

So I am waiting……  I’ll let you know what happens……..


About three minutes after I submitted this they came…  and they are working.  My contractor says that it shouldn’t take more than a day or two more than today.  I will post pictures after they leave today.  Hope all of you are having a great day….



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  1. yeah construction workers are a pain!!  my dad was a contractor for a while. chewin ppl out all day to get their butts over there and start working..yuck.

  2. I loveeeee this song by Aerosmith.!!!!Construction workers ARE a pain in the hiney for sure.I know a contractor and he is a pain in the ass just being around him when you aren’t his employee LOL!!!(((HUGS))))

  3. hey you!! sorry its been so long since we have talked! things are crazy right now and it sounds like it is for you too! i hope it picks up around your house. what a pian to deal with when you already have enough. *hugs* i hear you. things will start to look up. michael has drills for the gaurd this weekend. blah to that!! i should have pictures up soon though to show you from easter and such. just keep your head up and keep me updated. i wanna see picutres soon too! heh. talk to you soon.

  4. My parents are adding on to their house and the guy said they will start at teh end of April and only take less then three months….we will see.  They are adding on a family room, master bed with bath, and laundry room. Why I do not know for only two people they have four bedrooms already and a full finished basement with a family room down there and laundry room…but its their decision.

  5. I am commenting way back here because what i am about to say, is very hard. I hope you find this comment.  My ex husband has been coming around for the last year and a half giving mixed signals, telling me he still thinks about me, and asking if i think about him, etc.  Well in January he informed me he was leaving his girlfriend who he claimed they had been on a rock relationship for the past year.  I made the mistake of sleeping with him, twice in january.  We used protection but once it fell off.  Then in March he moved out was coming over and everything seemed right and I did it again, this time used spermicide.  To my suprise last thursday I called his ex to get my sons shoes to find out they were back together.  When i told her the whole story she said “so you have what he has”.  Chris was diagnosed with genital warts a year and a half ago and didn’t tell me”.  I cried two days straight, dropped 8 pounds, cant sleep.  Went to the doctor Friday morning got checked and a full STD panel.  The doctor said since i only came into direct contact twice my chances are kinda good, but then again it only takes once.  I will have to wait for the next eight months to see if i develop warts.  Im scared, im not eating, not sleeping.  My stomach is all torn up.  Why would he do that to me?? Then to top it off once he found out i told her about us he told her he wants nothing to do with me, but wants to be with her.  And she took him back!!!  She has warts too, he gave them to her a year ago.  I am not one to sleep around and he knows this and he put me at risk, i have nothing but hate towards him right now.  Eight months…its killing me. So now im alone again, and might possibly have this life-long STD that might flare up months down the road that is not cureable but treatable. 

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