Hello Xangaland,

So my crazy weekend is finally over. The garage sale was a huge success, we made a lot more money than we had hoped for. Which of course is always nice! We sold almost everything, we only ended up with six boxes to go to the Boys and Girls Club.

Yesterday my mom and dad, Grandma and grandpa, sister Becky, and Ryan and I, all worked all day on my house. We install the ceiling fans, our surround sound system, we switched cable over to the wall we will be putting our TV on once the construction is done, we installed and attic light, and my mom rearranged my cabinets so that my new Tupperware fit. It was a long but very productive day. However this busy weekend ending is nothing more than a new busy week beginning.

Today I will be going to my Aunt Susan’s house to work on her computer. On Tuesday my mother and I are going shopping. On Wednesday I know I have something to do I just can’t remember what! Laugh out loud! Then Thursday my husband Ryan will be testing it for tech sergeant! So as you can see how I am up for another very busy week.

I will be back later with pictures. I’m going to try to catch up with everybody but if I miss anybody I’m sorry. Hope everyone is doing well.

Song of the Day?  A Kiss to Build a Dream On by Louis Armstrong Why?  Because I love this song.  If ever there was a song that said happy innocent spring days of love then this.  So…. this….. enjoy!



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  1. Holy Crow!  And I thought I was busy thing weekend!: blink :   At least I get to rest (more or less) this week!  Next weekend we’ll be possibly installing the new flooring in the bathrooms!  Yikes! : ohmy   Sounds like you go SO much accomplished!  You must be feeling pretty good today!~K.K.

  2. Well, I’m glad you had a good time and you got so much done! I feel totally lazy now…thanks a lot, lol! Have fun today…tell Susan HI and get that computer fixed, we miss her! Take care, hon and thanks for your kind words. :O)

  3. Dang girl do you ever slow down? : laugh : I know you have a lot to do. Good luck with it all. Tell Susan hi and I miss her. I’m glad the sale was such a big succes.

  4. sounds like a great weekend.  can you all come over and clean out my garage??? lol  we bought plastic tubs to store the stuff we are going to keep.  we will start next weekend.  and beleive me it wont take one weekend to do.

  5. wow…you did have a busy week…glad you got alot done…my weeks pretty busy too…but I get to see my HUSBAND….so excited…well glad you had a busy BUT productive weekend…..have a great week….

  6. Ah! I LOVE Louis Armtstong! And that song! I play that on the record all the time. Roger and I love to dance to it…just alone in out dining room…lost in an era that I wish would come back. Beautiful! Oh, and I am glad that you liked my post. I have been lost in such a strange state of mind lately with rather bizarre and emotional writes. I’m not sure why. I think God is just working with me heart, shaping it, cleaning it a little, perhaps preparing it for something beautiful or dark…who knows! But whatever the reason, I am just glad that He is messing with it! Sometimes, we just need to know that our heart is busy at work by hands of a master.
    Oh…I don’t know if any of that made sense at all. lol

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