Well I have to tell you I lied.  I have no more drive to write now than I did this morning.  I am tired so I’m going to go to bed.  Thank you all for your comments.  I will try to write tomorrow.  I have so much to write about but not the energy to put it all straight and get it out.  Things are just so crazy right now.  I will talk to you all in the morning.  Have a good night.


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  1. Hey congrats on the weight loss!  Sorry I didn’t get to YOUR post either!  We can both be slackers…LOL.  I will have to agree with you about “Slide”.  It is a great summer song.  My personal favorite is “Smooth” the one Johnny Rzesnick (sp?) did with Santana…that song is ALWAYS summer to me!
    Nothing REALLY bad happened.  I posted something as a JOKE on a group I belonged to, and offended two people…out of like 85, and suddenly overnight they had written all these new rules about what is “appropriate” to post…and they had both sent me some NASTY emails too (they’re the owners).  The funny thing is, like 5 months ago, one of the owners would have found it hilarious, but because it offended the other, she got all up in arms and replied to all of the other posts I had made, and was sarcastic and mean…and here I thought she was a friend.  Funny thing…like 20 OTHER ladies emailed me off-list and told me they weren’t offended at all, and got a good laugh…ergh.  People.  I am so frustrated.

  2. Thanks for the comment your such a sweety! Yeah I feel soo bad for mikes mom she is soo upset about it her and her brother were very close and poor mike had to be the one to tell her that he died. he felt so bad so the last couple days have been soo krazy! anyways Thanks again keep us in your prayers love ya lots court!

  3. I am do glad that there is another woman that understand the fear that nags me when I try to tell myself that there is nothing at all to be afraid of. Yet, I know…that God can see into my heart better than I even can. Whatever He has planned…must be so much better then what I could ask for. I will make a good mom, and He knows that….so I’m going to have to trust Him.
    Your comment to me, meant a lot. I am so glad to have met you…

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