A few days ago my husband had to come home in the middle of the day to get a piece of equipment.  I helped him find it and load it into the truck.  He gave me a kiss and pulled out.  I was just turning around to walk back in the house when I heard him start to sing.  He had backed out into the street and was just sitting there hanging out the window singing this song at the top of his lungs.  It’s moments like this……….


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  1. Ya’ll are too cute! This afternoon I was cleaning the kitchen when Jonathan stopped in for lunch. I had the blinds open, but didn’t see him pull up. I looked up and he had his face plastered agains the window making a kissy face. I love silly moments like that…it makes you feel like despite what’s going on in the outside world, everything else is okay!

  2. Oh that is so sweet. I love all your pictures but I have to say you are always smiling the biggest in the ones with Ryan.

  3. Do you really have this? If you do I want a copy please!!!!! Gotta love the Ry. And yes ya’ll, they are in luuuuuuuv!!!! You are just too cute you know. Tomorrow, right? Lunch too, or are you eating with Remy? CALL ME. Love you, buh bye now….Me

  4. I would love for all of us to be on IM at the same time. Then we can all play. Keep smiling that beutiful smile.

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