Hello Xangaland,

We are home and glad to be here.  We had a wonderful time camping this last week.  The weather was beautiful if not a bit extreme.  We really had a good time.  I hope all of you are doing well.  I have tried to visit, catch up, and comment on all of you.  Forgive me if I missed some of you.  I hope all of you are ready for some pictures.  This will not be all of them as I have some stories to tell but not the time to tell them.  So here is a short picture post of our trip.

True to the rumors the mountains were beautiful and covered in green and flowers.  The first night was a bit of an adventure.  We were late getting out there so we were putting up the tent in the dark and it started to blow.  We were getting wind gusts that made it almost impossible to put it up.  It ended up taking us almost 2 hours to get it up and ready for bed.  Crazy.  This is the weather the wind blew in for the next day.

This was earlier in that day.  We all went on a hike before the weather went black.  It was a beautiful day and a truly beautiful hike.  We really had fun.

This was the next day and another hike. The dogs were having so much fun getting to go on long walks every day.  The only problem we ran into was Gandalfs feet kept getting sore.  Poor baby.

The view from the peak of a little mountain.  See my van down there in the bottom corner?

Ryan posing next to the scene of the accident.  Another story for another time!  Isn’t the scenery gorgeous?  The mountains are pretty too!

Yoda got it into his head that he was too good for the dirt so he spent half the trip perched on that little stool.  He is so cute.

My grandpa cooking brauts one afternoon for dinner.  There is just something about this picture…..

I don’t really like this picture but Ryan does.  He says it looks really happy so I put it in.  I have a sun burn!

Ryan ran up a little hill one evening and got some pictures of a wonderful sunset.  Tried to get pics of a sunrise too but we were always racing someone for the showers so we didn’t have time to go for the camera.

The last day we were there.  I’m sitting there with my mom on my right.  We’re just lounging and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Just love this picture.  Yoda had just had enough.  He totally conked out!  That’s my grandpa and my dad talking in the background.

My Gandalf hanging out near the picnic table looking for scraps I’m sure.

So that is it for now.  Hope you all enjoyed.  There will be more later I assure you but today I am trying to get over being a bit sick.  (That’s why we came home a bit early).  So I am going to go relax with my husband.  I hope all of you are doing wonderfully.  Take care of yourselves and your families. 

My grandparents asked me to set them up a xanga site.  They are taking part in the M.A.P.S. R.V. program and wanted a place to keep up with the family while they are traveling this summer.  It is a program that allows them to travel while helping churches in need with construction and repair projects.  They were missionaries in the Philippines for a couple of years and now want to get back into the field so this program is perfect for them.  All that to say they now have a site.  Although it is not finished and they haven’t gone anywhere yet but I would love for all of you to stop in and say hello.  The site name is Captain_jdfah 

So song of the day?  John Deere Green by Joe Diffie.  I don’t know why but I love this song.  I don’t even know that it fits the mood of the post I have written but it fits my mood.  A song about love no matter what the opinion of the rest of the world.  Feels that way sometimes doesn’t it?

Talk to you later.  Have a great day.



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  1. Ah, Courntey! It looks beautiful…and WARM! I am freezing here and have no mountains to climb. Your family looks precious. I am sure ya’ll will have a blast going on such trips together.
    Thanks for the comment. The house will come together in time…and I am always happy that you enjoy my words. I will post more about Pearl soon. I promise! She is fun to write…though it make me cry when I have to write about her present day.
    -Gia 🙂

  2. Your pictures are great!! I am so jealous! I love camping and hiking but something ALWAYS gets in the way of me going! We either don’t have the money, or one of us can’t get off work and now that those two things aren’t an issue, I’m pregnant and can’t carry a heavy load or risk falling on the trail! Let’s not even talk about pregnant lady lack-o-stamina. Then after the baby comes we would have to find a babysitter… the list goes on ad nauseum. Someday, I will hike again!! I’m glad you had fun on your trip, and I hope you feel better! -Michelle

  3. Man, I missed out. I love it up there, but could not have done the wildflowes, not to mention the elevation change. Plus I couldn’t expose mom and dad to the crud. But the pictures are great, I especially like the one of dad, and I don’t know why either. Maybe it’s his calmness. And Emma Gayle? I’m their daughter! Just thought you should know.WHAT ACCIDENT!!!!!!!!!Glad you’re back, sorry your sick, and it’s world, check his site. I love it by the way…I’m gonna go send my girls their way. Love you bunches…Me

  4. Oh, those pictures are awesome!!  I just love your dogs, they are soooo soo cute!!  They look so squeezable hehe..
    Thank you for your comment, I will try to write about the homecoming as soon as possible!!
    I’m so glad your back!!
    *hugs* kritti: biggrin :

  5. Wow, it looks like you had a great time! I LOVE the pics of the storm coming in…I’m a weather geek, lol! I’m so glad ya’ll got away and spent some time just relaxing. I’m totally jealous! The pics of you look great, and you look happy!

  6. i’m jealous, that looks so beautiful and fun out there!!! welcome back, thanks for your comment and prayers! i left a comment on your grandparents site..way cool

  7. Welcome back! thanks for the encouraging comments about my detox diet I’m doing. Yeah, it is a bit yucky but nothing compared to what you have had to go through! I loved the pictures! Arizona sure looks different from Texas!

  8. Somehow I am missing your posts.  I totally missed the one before this, and I read my subscriptions daily.  Hmm, I don’t know.  Loved the pictures, and you do look happy in that pic. Look at all your hair and it looks thick.  I cut mine recently : sad :, but it grows fast.  Well im glad you guys had a good time, we got snow today but its all melted already.  I am dying to walk outside though.  Mother nature is a tease.

  9. Thanks for sharing the amazing pics.  Looks so beautiful there.  I love AZ.  Its my favorite vacation spot.  So beautiful and has some of the greatest golf in the U.S.I just love the mountains.

  10. Sounds like you had a great time.
    What beautiful sunsets too.  Makes me anticipate getting back to the states so seeing a beautiful sunset in person is a possibility.

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