Goodbye Xangaland,

We are just a few short hours away from leaving for the mountains.  We are going out to the White Tank Mountains on the West side of the valley.  They are a wonderful place to camp in the winter here in the valley.  I have been hearing that they are covered in wildflowers now because of all the rain.  I am going to bring the camera  with me this time around so I will have pictures to share with you when I get back.  In fact I have already put the camera in the car. 

I have only a few things left to pack up for the trip and then a few chores to do.  Really I am just waiting for Ryan to get home from work and then we are off.  We are taking the bike out so he can practice so that will be an adventure.  There are all of these wonderful little hiking trails back up in the mountains and we intend to take full advantage of them on this trip.  There is one hike that is only about a mile back that is so beautiful.  At the end of the trail is a natural waterfall.  I haven’t seen it running since I was a little girl and now it should be running so I am excited to see that after all of these years. 

We are taking the dogs with us too.  It should be fun to just hike and explore everyday with them right there with us.  Good exercise for the whole family.  They are really good camping dogs.  They aren’t high strung so they do well in a camp environment and they come when you call which is always nice.  Of course they also love grandma since she insists on feeding them table food!  Lol last time it was hot dogs.  They didn’t stop watching her the rest of the day.  Goofy boys!

I am going to take a pad of paper and pencil (you know the old fashion way) and write a few entries out while I’m there so look for those too when I get back.  This will be the first vacation I have been on in quite a few years that I will be feeling good and wanting to walk and hike.  I am really excited.  Can you tell?  I have to admit that it is a really good feeling.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve been this excited about anything. 

We will be camping with my grandparents. That’s them above,  aren’t they so cute?  They have this huge Barth motor home that they always go in.  We will have a tent in the same camp site but that means real home cooked meals (no one makes fried potatoes and onions like grandma!), a close bathroom in an emergency, a place to sit and play cards in the event of rain, and a refrigerator.  We always have so much fun with them when we go.  We play cards or dominoes, go hiking, or tooling around back roads, we read, relax, or just visit.  On Saturday (tomorrow) my mom and dad are coming up so we will all spend some time with them.  They might even come up later in the week and spend a night.   Here’s a picture of them with their Harley.  Can’t wait until we can all ride together of course Ryan and I are gonna have to get some cool duds like mom and dad!

Sulimb and her family were going to come up for a day this weekend but now it appears they may not be able to since she is getting sick again.  Everyone please say a prayer for her and her family.  They may still go up next weekend, but we will miss them if they do since we are coming down on Friday.  Oh well.  It’s really too bad it would have been a blast.  Of course the other bad thing about it is that her and her family won’t be in any of my pictures.  I’m bummed about that but I’ll take some with just grandma and granpa and the mountais that I can share with her when we  get back.   

Well I think that is about it.  I have got to go I only have about one hour to finish up all my chores,  not much just watering my flowers and packing a few last minute things and then we are off.  So the song for the week?  Hit me with your best shot by Pat Benatar.  Yep just because I can.  I hope all of you have a fantastic weekend and week.  I will catch up as soon as I get home.  I am going to miss all of you bunches.  Take care of yourselves and enjoy life. 


And we’re off!


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  1. havent talked to u in forever i hope all is well im doing good mike is commin home tonite yay well actually hes on his way now and will be here soon have a good night love ya 🙂

  2. Have a great time! You know…I think that I told you that I had a mongolia tree growing in my yard. No! I have a MAGnolia tree growing in my yard! Though…I do wonder what a mongolia tree would look like…hmmmmm?
    -Gia 🙂

  3. have a great time and have fun and take lots of photos and put them up in here so we can see too. 

  4. Your home!  yay!  I privatized some post because they made featured content and I was getting like 600 hits a day.  Ugh!  Made me feel a bit weird.  Yes we have chosen Bossier City, Louisiana.  Very excited and very stressed.  Flying down next week to find a home.I hope you had a great time on your camping trip.

  5. thanks for the comment I am soo incredible happy there has been no drama and its great i couldn’t be happier im on cloud 9 and not commin down like the quote i found..
    “I will look anyone in the face and say ” Get off my cloud nine;You don’t belong here. If I fall, I fall on my own. But you’re not going to push me!”

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