Today the song is a song from our early engagement.  My dad raised me on The Beach Boys and I can remember family trips when we all were belting out beach boys at the top of our lungs for hours.  It is a snapshot from my childhood.  So it seemed only natural when we started to sing this to each other when Ryan brought me home from our dates every night.  It was of course kind of a joke because to sing this and be 100% serious would be silly…. even though we were.  I love him so much.  So I’m going to write about my day then post a few pictures from my wedding since I have a scanner now.

Today was a busy and very satisfying day.  I got up early and met with a new contractor this morning.  I should have a quote from him by Friday so I’ve got my fingers crossed.  Then I got my stuff together and went down town for my two month check up.  It went wonderfully.  They said I have lost 37% of my extra body weight which is just above the norm.  All my blood work came back just where my doctor wanted it.  Only one, Thiamin was low but only by one point.  He said I could get a supplement very easily and have it in the normal range in no time.  I have been physically released to do what I feel like doing and to eat normal foods at my discretion.  Let me just say that again……


Okay so now that I got that out…..  I am really happy the doctor was very satisfied with my progress and says I am doing wonderfully.  So well in fact, he said see you in four months.  So I am done with doctors until July.  What a relief. 

Okay enough about that…….

Only two more days until we go out of town for a week.  We are very excited.  Ryan is going to take the bike up with us and spend the week driving around the back roads where there is no traffic for practice.  There are a bunch of little side roads with little twists and turns.  The speed limits are 25 and 30 and during the week there is no traffic at all so it should be just perfect.

By the time we come home he should be pretty confident and be able to sign up for the classes on base.  I think it is the most amazing thing that the base pays for their guys to take an off base class.  This class puts you with a buddy and they ride you around town and teach you to handle different situations, they certify you and everything.  It even takes a bite out of our insurence.  This class costs $237.00 and the base is going to pay for it because they want thier guys to be safe and responsible.  Then he has to take a free saftey class on base every year before he can register the bike.  These classes just make me feel so much better about him rideing.  I think this is going to be a really good thing for us.

So tonight we are cleaning and doing laundry.  Tomorrow I am going to continue on the vein and then pack up the van for the trip.  We are leaving on Friday afternoon and will be gone until the following Friday.  I will update again befor I leave, but I got to tell you guys I’m going to miss Xangaland quite a bit. 

Here are a few pictures of my wedding.  The reason for them is that I have been feeling very nostalgic lately but have not really had the time to write a good long entry.  Maybe I will write one up when I am in the mountains, but for now a few pictures will have to satisfy me. 

Three Generations…. my Grandmother (Sulimbs mom for those of you who read her), my Mom (You guessed it Sulimbs sister), and Me.  Happiest girl in the world.

These are the three most important men in my life.  On the far left is my dad who I talk so much about, then of course my wonderful husband Ryan, and then my father in law Denny.

This picture is of course of my dress.  It was the first dress I tried on and I loved it instantly.  (Sigh)

It was very hard to choose wich pictures to put up.  Every one is like it’s own little moment in my memory and they are all so special.  There are so many but they will have to wait for another time. 

Irish Blessing
May the road rise to meet you,
may the wind be always at your back,
may the sun shine warm upon your face
and the rains fall soft upon your fields,
and until we meet again may God hold
you in the palm of His hand.

Good night all,


11 thoughts on “

  1. awwwwwwwwwwww beautiifulll pictures sweetie. You are sooo pretty, and I love your curly hair!!!!(((HUGS)))

  2. Those are gorgeous pictures.I love your dress. good for you on the whole weight loss and normal food. You have so much to be proud of. Big Hugs. Be careful on your trip and stay safe.

  3. Those are really beautiful pictures!! Let me tell you when the doctor said that I could eat normal food, I was so thrilled. Just make sure to take it easy. I was so excited to finally get to eat regular that I kind of went overboard on it. If I only knew then what I do now. Anyhow, congrats and keep up the good work!!!!!!!

  4. Keep up the hard work!!… You’ve come a long way!!  : smile :
    That is great that you and Ryan are taking a week long escape.. that should be a nice get-away for you both.
    I took my motorcycle certification class when I was 19.. they had motorcycles there for us to learn on.. I had never rode a bike before that class.  I learned how, had a blast learning, got certified, then a few monthes later bought a bike of my own… You should take the class with him and get certified too.. it’s fun! :o)
    Very nice wedding pics.. I love your dress!

  5. What a beautiful dress! Weddings are so nice…I just never want to plan one again, lol!(I can’t believe you didn’t buy that dress I posted last night! : laugh 🙂
    Way to go on the weight loss! I know you’re so excited!Have a great day, hon!

  6. Your dress is unbelievable!  WOW!  Your vacation sounds like its going to be awesome.  I hope you have fun.I cant wait to go on vacation again!

  7. your wedding looks beautiful…your dress is amazing!!! Glad you get to get away….and glad that everything went good with the doctor!!! Have fun and be safe!!!! *hugs*

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